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Next Level Minor Chord Techniques (Course)

Next Level Minor Chord Techniques Course

Do you find yourself stuck in the habit of improvising using the same scale over specific chords, such as always relying on the dorian mode over a minor 7 chord?

While this creates a pleasant sound, it lacks the captivating and exotic colours that masterful improvisers employ to truly move and inspire their listeners, taking them on a captivating journey away from their daily lives.

Moreover, as improvisor solely relying on any single scale for a minor chord can become a restricting trap that hinders your growth as a musician. It limits your creative possibilities and gradually stifles your expressive freedom.

In this exciting course, Jazz Duets addresses this situation by diving deeply into 12 distinct innovative techniques.

These methods serve as powerful remedies to break free from the monotony of repetitive improvisation, turbocharging your playing skills and expanding your understanding of Jazz.

These techniques will unlock the door to a world of musical possibilities, allowing you to create truly evocative and mesmerizing performances that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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  1.  Bebop scale + approach notes . Using these 2 improvisational techniques is tremendously powerful.
  2. Major pairs triads -  Building lines from the Triads built on b3rd and IV creates interesting muscular lines
  3. Approaching Major Triad Pairs - adding systematic chromatic approach notes to triad pairs is cutting edge!
  4. Major/Minor 7th cliche - exploring this fantastic musical dichotomy is a must for any serious jazz musician
  5. Exotic Triad pairs -  In this class we explore unsual, exotic triad pairs inspired by Erik Satie that feature the b5
  6.  The Minor Pentatonic - we look at newways to practice and deploy this sturdy sound
  7.  The Blues scale - we study innovative ways to practice this killer sound
  8. The Hendrix Pentatonic - edgy variant on the pentatonic that features the major 3rd.
  9.  The Hybrid Blues scale - mixing major + minor 3rd in to the blues scale is incredibly powerful
  10.  Bebop Blues scale - this is the Blues scale + the Major 7th
  11. The 'Super Blues scale' -  we delve deeply in this cool 8 note blues scale
  12.  Approaching the Minor Pentatonic - combines 2 cutting edge improvisational systems to stunning effect



-13 state of the art  video Tutorials (Each one is like a masterclass! Going deeply in to each improvisational technique, the theory, with all exercises demonstrated and notated on screen) 2+ hours of instruction videos to watch and digest over and over again!

-13 Exercise PDFs (one per study ) in 12 keys specially written exercises to get you assimilating the material in the shortest possible time (222 pages of studies)

The 12 minor Studies PDFs x 5 (Bb, Concert, Eb and bass + tab Guitar parts included)

-Embark on a transformative journey and elevate your Jazz improvisation to new heights!

-13 Minor studies demonstrations for you to play along with

  •  Funk minor groove base in 5 keys
  • 12 minor drones (ONE per key) for deep immersive practice
  • Midi file of the 12 studies so you can practice any speed
  •  Beat Box F minor faster play along if you like a big challenge!