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Monsters Inc- Jazz analysis + corollary exercises

  This instant Download contains:

1) A  BAR by BAR  detailed essay  format  analysis of the tune

2   Mp3 files to practice with, slow and fast of the keyboard chords

3) lead sheet with chord symbols  (for Concert, Bb and Eb instruments)

4) corollary exercises (some  shown in the video )

(for Concert, Bb and Eb instruments)

In the  PDF the following   musical gems of Monsters inc are  analysed and expanded  in to  exercises 

1. The INTRO - a micro master class on the tonic diminished- with practicelines!

2.  The Rhythm -  a close focus the rhythm of this piece + exercise

3. Chord progression - understanding the first crucial jazz chords

4. Guide tone lines- explanation and examples+ further study

5. Turnaround - the essential micro jazz chord progression to know!

6 Very cool lick- possibly the most important lick to know in jazz!

7.THE BRIDGE - perfect example of back cycling

8. Contrary motion-  attention on these 2 contrary lines gives abundant


9. Coda-  musical feast - essential harmony and melody in a bar!

10. The solo break - tremendous line featuring the b3 and b7 + corollary

expanded lines