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Minor Triad Pair options- 13 definitive pairs

This PDF resource has been written to provide you with the definitive  guide to the colours and emotions that can be evoked by super imposing different triad pairs over a Minor chord.

The 13 triad pairs contained in the PDF have been very carefully chosen and researched so as to save time and introduce you to sounds that you need to know to expand your sonic arsenal of creative colours whilst at the same time strengthening your technique and training your ear to boot!

With each Triad pair comes a  written  “Situation”. This might seem far fetched to some - however I believe it illustrates the concept that the triads on their own have a sound feeling, and when played over (mixed with) a chord this ‘feeling’ changes as the the notes react with each other.

The download includes 12 mp3 drone backings in all keys to practice with


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Omar M.
United States United States


A Great experience!!!

Roberto M.
Italy Italy


nick you are fantastic. you are like a beacon in the night that lights the way and guides us on our journey into the wonderful world of music we love: jazz

Paul H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent resource.

The info and audio tracks are an excellent support for practice with triad pairs that are a great device for improv.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Minor triad pair colours etc

These exercises I found very challenging at first as I am not an improvisor by training. However I find that they make me listen carefully to the different notes and their relationship to the basic chord. I find increasingly that I benefit from playing with a drone, both these exercises and also when I practise scales, written or from memory. Thank you Nick for your very original ideas!



Hi Charles! Thanks for the review! Best , Jazz duets

Keith K.
United States United States

Like it a lot!!!

so far, so good! i'm brand new to this concept so i'm still wrapping my head around it. i find it really exciting and the dinner party analogies are great! really wish there were some written examples to go along with this lesson. i'm really looking forward to purchasing more of these products. i find the teaching style very easy to understand and interesting enough to keep me from losing focus. Nice job!!!!



Hi Keith , Thanks for the review! This is a challenging but very rewarding concept. The important thing is to enjoy the process and allow these ideas to develop over time, step by step. Happy Practicing

Philip J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Minor Triad Pairs

Good descriptions but not had enough time to explore them and need definitive exercises

Dennis L.
United States United States


Excellent, new ways of looking at the fretboard, inspiring!

Jazzduetshop Minor Triad Pair options- 13 definitive pairs Review


Hi Dennis Thanks! Im happy to hear that you are inspired! Best, Jazz Duets.

Russell P.
Australia Australia

Triad Pair Options & Emotions

I wish I'd had this wonderful information 50 years ago. My playing life would have been very different. I am now beginning to articulate some music I've had inside me most of my life. Nick, you're a legend. What a gift. Thankyou.

Jazzduetshop Minor Triad Pair options- 13 definitive pairs Review


Hi Russel Thanks for your review! Im glad that you are enjoying these exercises! Best! Jazz Duets.

Andre R.
Spain Spain

The magic of triad pairs

The illusive sense of objectivity produced by consistent parallelism of triad pairs allows for almost any combination. I play these sets over D minor drone without transposing and it sounds very good as well. The usage of dinner party as a given platform to depict different characteristics of various pairs is quite brilliant even though I am not sure these images can be employed spontaneously by an individual improviser, but I do appreciate the creativity of your concept, it is really awesome. Now, how about coming up with another set of pairs for a major drone?

Christianne M.
Brazil Brazil


I loved the pdf . It is ilustrated with audio and brought “food” for criativity and imagination.

Nicola O.
Italy Italy


Very useful stuff, love all your videos!!! They really help make music, not just play around with theory!

David C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Minor Triad Pair Colours/Options/Emotions

The product is inspiring and educational. Excellent!

fabio b.
Italy Italy

wonderful modal music

dear Nick, the material I bought is very good, but I would also like to thank you for your exraordinary channel and for the help that you give us. Your accurate, passionate, comptetent contribute is the best I have found in the web until now. the colors that you use in a modal way on this Cminor chord are really amazing. I dare to humbly suggest you to post some other material about modal music, the most played all over the world, and the less known. i would also like that you write down some of the patterns that you use for phrasing over that C minor, for all those guys like me that need to improve phantasy and inspiration. Ithink it would be very useful. I thank you with my heart for your work and help. Have a good life, Fabio

philip c.
Portugal Portugal

Minor Triad Pair Colours/Options/Emotions

This is very good stuff. Exactly as expected. I bought it straight after watching the video. The background drone chords and pdf are all there, Clear and easy to use. It's the kind of reference material that you'll come back to over and again as you assimilate new sounds/colours. Well worth it for the price.

Charles M.
United States United States

Minor Triad Pairs

Nick was being particularly brilliant with this exercise. It is easy to fall into a harmony and use what is familiar to us (usually scales, a bebop pattern or whatever). Nick strips that away with this exercise and forces us to be musical story tellers (true improvisationist). Nick makes you slow down listen and it is a delight soaring with his story telling skills on the Soprano sax. I love this lesson. It is what I need. Thanks, hermano!

Ken M.
United States United States

very interesting way to find new lines

My experience is positive. When you take time to really isolate and pair triads, the outcome is truly interesting. It’s improving my improv skills in a unique way. I enjoy it.