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Little Sunflower Triad Pair Exercises - Digital Download


Turbo Charge your improvisational skills!

"Mixing triad pairs is an innovative Approach to Improvisation like painting sound colours , combining shades of sounds that add different feelings and emotions to your improvisations…"

 The Little Sunflower Triad Pairs resource has been carefully designed  to teach and demonstrate some of the wonderful sounds and  creative possibilities open to the improvisor.

Little Sunflower is a tune written by colossal Trumpet legend Freddy Hubbard  that features  3 chords, each of which is 8 bars in duration that lends itself perfectly to the Triad Pairs Improvisational concept.

Included in the digital download

  • PDF - includes  the following sections: Harmonic,  72 shape exercises and 8 written demonstration Solos  (4 versions:  Bb, Concert,Eb and Bass Clef)
  • Mp4 Video demonstration of Shape exercises 
  • Mp4 Video demonstration of Slow solos
  • Mp4 Video demonstration of Fast solos
  • Mp3 Play alongs
  • Mp3 Demonstrations of Slow and Fast solos and Shape exercises
  • Drone Mp3 files for deep immersive practice with the shapes.

Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Level 

 Great pathway to Improvisation.

Just as a master chef adds special ingredients to a dish to produce a mouth watering flavours you can learn to colour your improvisations in a secure, authoritative way superimposing triads, rapidly taking your playing  to a higher level.

Super imposing different Triad Pairs over the simple harmony of Little Sunflower opens a world of possibilities to the creative improvisor.

Check out the Audios of the 8  included written solos below