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Intermediate Saxophone Duets

"Intermediate Saxophone Duets" offers an exceptional opportunity for players with prior experience in the Jazz/Blues genre.

The collection features  authentic musical language, incorporating Blues notes, Jazz Rhythms, and chromatic embellishments , directly inspired by the rich traditions of the  Jazz continuum.

➡️  Perfectly suited for both teachers and students, the duets are tailored for players of slightly different abilities, enabling fruitful collaborations and learning experiences.

➡️ The captivating melodies within these duets are crafted akin to how skilled improvisers infuse their unique flair into tunes.

Enjoy exploring the art of 'Jazzing up a tune' using expressive blue notes, rhythmic variations, and dynamic contrasts, adding a personalized touch to each performance.

With  13 original pieces brimming with Jazz language, this collection provides a wealth of interesting material for engaging home practice sessions, enriching classroom activities, or captivating performance situations.

➡️ Whether you're honing your skills or delighting an audience, these duets are sure to elevate your musical journey in the Jazz realm.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star rating (see below to read comments)


  • Authentic Jazz language and chromaticism
  • The 2 Parts are Rhythmically independent
  • Wide range of the instrument featured
  • Most duets include an Introduction + coda
  • Bb + Eb Parts includedso Alto and Tenors can play together
  • Audio mp3 tracks included  panned (listen below)
  • Bb lower part included so Eb Alto and Bb Tenor sax can play together

 "In my experience, it's been so difficult to find interesting jazz duets. Finally they exist! Nick Homes nails it harmonically and melodically. They're both challenging AND fun.” James Suggs USA

1. Bourbon Street Blues  a lively blues in G, with classic blues intro and ending (1.15)  

 2. Hobo subtle variations in the theme challenge the student, supported by an elaborate lower part with plenty of ‘blue’ passing notes (1.10) 

3. Ramblin’ Blues based blues in C, rolling jazz lower part with intro and coda  (1.15)  

4. Delta Blues a touch of Gershwin here.-work out which classic it references (1.12)   

5. Fats  a study in slowness (much needed today!), with time to focus on the beginnings and endings of notes, dynamics and vibrato

 6. Memphis the use of the 6th note in the melody gives this piece a soulful feeling. The second time round the head the lead player can enjoy playing the melody in the higher register  

 7. Jive Blues features chromatic passing notes and embellishments with a lick or two of Louis Armstrong mixed in 

 8. Barrel House Blues quirky to and fro of parts interspersed with choice blues licks in this outing in B flat 

9. Ok  - Cheeky Minor AABA tun

10. Hungry  (bundled)- 'Stanley Turrentine' influenced Blues , with 2 choruses of written solos, or you can blow your own!

11. Delta Blues with a Solo .Starts in F, then Up a tone to G in the solo. Head out in A

12. Autumn Leaves  - Jazz up beat version of this Jazz classic

13. Silent Night Jazz - ( Bundled)