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Intermediate Clarinet Jazz Duets PDF download

 If you've dipped your toes into the captivating world of Jazz/Blues and are yearning to deepen your musical prowess, look no further than "Intermediate Blues Duets."

This PDF book is tailored for players with some prior experience in the Jazz/Blues genre and serves as an immersive gateway into the heart of this expressive art form.

Embrace the Jazz Tradition: Immerse Yourself in Musical Language

"Intermediate Blues Duets" opens a window to the rich heritage of Jazz with a treasure trove of musical language. Discover the allure of blues notes, Jazz rhythms and the magic of licks handed down from the masters of the Jazz tradition.

The book offers an exciting and diverse assortment of these elements, carefully put together to ignite your creative spark and propel your musical journey to new heights.

Perfect for Teachers and Students: Tailored for Different Abilities

Whether you're an enthusiastic teacher or an eager student, "Intermediate Blues Duets" caters to both with its ingenious design. The book features two distinct parts, each meticulously crafted for players of slightly varying abilities. The lower part presents a delightful challenge, while the higher part caters to those seeking to enhance their proficiency. This harmonious combination ensures that both teacher and student can embark on a rewarding musical expedition together.

The melodies are developed just like an improvisor would 'Jazz up a tune' using blue notes, rhythmic variation and dynamics to colour and personalise the tunes.

Nine Original Jazz Gems: Elevate Your Musical Journey!

Within the pages of "Intermediate Blues Duets," you'll uncover nine original pieces brimming with authentic Jazz language. These captivating compositions offer a wellspring of inspiration for your home practice sessions, engaging classes, or awe-inspiring performances. Each piece presents a unique opportunity to hone your skills, explore new musical horizons, and deepen your love for Jazz/Blues.


Instrumentation - 2 Clarinets

"In my experience, it's been so difficult to find interesting jazz duets. Finally they exist! Nick Homes nails it harmonically and melodically. They're both challenging AND fun.” James Suggs USA

1. Bourbon Street Blues a lively blues in G, with a classic blues intro and ending

2. Hobo - subtle variations in the theme challenge the student, supported by an elaborate lower part with plenty of ‘blue’ passing notes

3. Ramblin’,  blues in C, with a rolling jazz lower part + an intro and coda

4. Delta Blues, a touch of Gershwin here 

5. Fats a study in slowness (much needed today!), with time to focus on the beginnings and endings of notes, dynamics and vibrato

6. Memphis,  the use of the 6th note in the melody gives this piece a soulful feeling. The second time round the head the lead player can enjoy playing the melody in the higher register

7. Jive Blues features chromatic passing notes and embellishments with a lick or two of Louis Armstrong mixed in

8. Barrel House Blues- quirky to and fro of parts interspersed with choice blues licks in this outing in B flat

9. OK. (Bundled) - C minor classic AABA standard like catch tune

10. Silent Night (Bundled)