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Intermediate Blues Clarinet Duets Digital Download ´Premium´ version

Intermediate Blues Duets are ideal for players with some previous experience in the Jazz/Blues genre who want a blast, as they contain musical language direct from the great Jazz tradition.

The 8 original pieces are developed just like an improvisor would 'Jazz up a tune' using Blues notesJazz syncopations, tasty Licks  to imbue life and authenticity, making them ideal for home practice sessions, classes or performance situations.

The download package includes a meticulously prepared PDF (with essential Clarinet tips) and 3 different kinds of play alongs: 

  • Clarinet panned left and right- so you have control which parts you wish to hear and play along with.
  • Guitar alone - so you can play the lower or higher part with the guitar and really immerse yourself in the Blues sound.
  • Clarinet and Guitar giving you more of a band sound to enjoy playing with

A separate  Concert PDF with chord symbols is included if you wish to play with Piano/Guitar

"In my experience, it's been so difficult to find interesting jazz duets. Finally they exist! Nick Homes nails it harmonically and melodically. They're both challenging AND fun.” James Suggs 

1. Bourbon Street Blues a lively blues in G, with a classic blues intro and ending

2. Hobo - subtle variations in the theme challenge the student, supported by an elaborate lower part with plenty of ‘blue’ passing notes

3. Ramblin’,  blues in C, with a rolling jazz lower part + an intro and coda

4. Delta Blues, a touch of Gershwin here 

5. Fats a study in slowness (much needed today!), with time to focus on the beginnings and endings of notes, dynamics and vibrato

6. Memphis,  the use of the 6th note in the melody gives this piece a soulful feeling. The second time round the head the lead player can enjoy playing the melody in the higher register

7. Jive Blues features chromatic passing notes and embellishments with a lick or two of Louis Armstrong mixed in

8. Barrel House Blues - quirky to and fro of parts interspersed with choice blues licks in this outing in B flat