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Incredibly Cool Jazz licks - Volume 1

Imagine effortlessly weaving the soulful, emotionally packed notes and phrases of the Jazz legends into your own improvisations!

That's the transformative power of the new  "Incredibly Cool Jazz licks"  meticulously designed Jazz duets resource.

Say goodbye to the frustration of deciding what to practice each day!

This resource offers you a structured roadmap for daily sessions filled with fun and, most importantly, guaranteed results.

 Fundamental LEARNING philosophy

The idea to always practice alongside musical backings that illustrate the material to be learned so the focus is aural and the absorption is deep and authentic!

This concept holds immense importance, as it harks back to the era of Jazz greats in the 1940s and 1950s. During those golden years, these maestros performed together night after night in clubs. They honed their craft by learning how to seamlessly blend their own instruments with those of their fellow band members.

In contemporary times, our lives are marked by diverse schedules and commitments, which often hinder the opportunity for enthusiastic musicians to experience live music education within bands.

The system employed in this course bridges that gap, offering the next best thing.

By consistently playing alongside these meticulously crafted musical backings, learners can simulate the invaluable experience of live band interactions.

This not only facilitates skill development but also fosters a deep understanding of how instruments blend together.

Features of this resource:


  • Instant Download 
  • 82 essential and thoughtfully curated licks, each drawn from the rich tapestry of the jazz continuum notated in all 12 keys (984 in total)
  •  Each lick explained and accompanied with concise information designed to enhance your understanding and connection to the specific phrase.
  • The sequence in which these licks are presented has been carefully chosen to facilitate a logical and musical progression, making them easier to learn, understand and absorb
  • 12 slow  play along tracks each a 30 minute workout for deep immersion (all keys) the phrases played twice by a perfectly tuned synthesizer at a slow pace,  accompanied by a gorgeous string drone.
  • 12 slow swing play alongs 15 minute workout with the saxophone performance by Jazzduets. In addition to paying attention to the note pitches, you will focus specially on the phrasing and articulation of each lick.

  • 12 medium swing play alongs in all 12 keys. The 82 phrases  are played back-to-back, with a one-bar gap between each one which gives you space to repeat or improvise an answer!
  •  Mp4 video tutorial demoof the 3 step learning process outlined in the PD
  • 12 Slow string backing tracks- for you to practice with

  • 12 Slow Swing backing tracks- for you to practice with.

  • 12 Medium Swing backing tracks-these are for you to practice with


UNIQUE 3 STEP learning process

Step 1: SLOW. Delve Deep into Each Phrase

  • In this initial step You'll hear the phrases played twice by a perfectly tuned synthesizer at a slow pace, precisely 76 beats per minute accompanied by a gorgeous string drone (Demonstration mp3 below)
  • During the first hearing, simply listen to the phrase. Then on the second playback, it's your turn to replicate what you've just heard, either by ear or by reading the notation.
  • Remember, the slow tempo is intentional to provide you with a deep immersive experience . It's important to note that 'slow' doesn't equate to 'easy'; it means you are diving deep into the nuances of the sounds.

Step 2: Slow Relaxed Swing -Embrace Phrasing and Articulation

  • Now, we'll pick up the pace slightly with a relaxed swing beat.
  • This time, you'll hear and play along with the saxophone performance by Jazzduets
  • Apart from focusing on the notes, you will pay special attention to the phrasing and articulation of each lick.
  • The saxophone audio demonstrations are invaluable, as they allow you to hear the articulation, intention, and swing of the phrase as it comes to life.
  • Like in Step 1, each phrase is played twice for deeper learning through repetition.

Step 3: Elevate the Challenge with Medium Swing

  • In this final step, we increase the fun with a medium swing tempo, (130 beats per minute.)
  • The phrases are played back-to-back, with a one-bar gap between each onewhich gives you space to repeat or improvise an answer!
  • This faster version has a stronger and more urgent sense of swing.

 Multiple ways to Practice + Use!

  1. Play the licks, reading the music from the Pdf ( with one of the three play alongs or without backing)
  2. Read, then repeat without music from memory (referring to the numbers )
  3. Sing them, then play from memory. with and without chord.
  4.  Learn + play them by ear by listening and repeating using the audio tracks.
  5. practice them by the numbers - translate the numbers to sounds (this is powerful)
  6. play with friend. - they play a lick then you repeat it and vice versa! Can be with one of th playalongs or rubato. The friend can play the phrases randomly.
  7. experiment with rhythm, and articulation - write these out!
  8. develop lines in to your own phrases
  9.  expand the ranges of each one. Play them as low and as high as you can, and adapt the phrase if needs be!
  10. write answers to each phrase!
  11. Listen to the slow versions whilst sleeping
  12. Experiment with different articulations and or time feels

Check the video below to see and hear the 3 Step learning process


Check the video below to hear and hear Step 1 deep dive in to the phrases 


-Suitable for all Treble Instruments

-Designed for newcomers to Jazz who already can play in various keys


 QUESTIONS + Answers

Q. what skill level do I need to be able to use this resource?  

A.  You do not need experience in Jazz playing but you do need to be able to play major scales and minor in most keys to get the best out of this resource. Having said that, even if you are an experienced Jazz player you will still gain huge benefit from the Step by Step Method.

Q. What Instruments is this for?

A.  All instruments that read treble clef can use this resource as the ranges have been adjusted to accommodate most treble instruments. 

Q. How do I tackle so many licks ? In all 12 keys there are 984 licks. That seems overwhelming!

 A. The phrases are grouped by starting notes and by keys.You can focus on just one starting note per day and focus on that deeply until you are comfortable or play the whole 82 licks in one key until you are comfortable to move to another tonality.

Q. Will the licks help me play over moving chord changes?

Yes, they will help you improvise “globally”  However they are demonstrated over just one extended Major chord. The idea here is that if you cant improvise over one static chord, will you be able to play over multiple moving chords?