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How to Analyse a Jazz solo + Exercises Master class

 This resource has been designed and developed to teach you how to get the  best learning  results from transcribing a solo.

In it Jazz duets shows you:

  1. What a deep solo analysis actually looks and feels like 
  2. the process of making exercises out of the solo material, progressing  from analysis to creation.
  3.  the myriad benefits of learning a solo-arguably the most important  musical activity any student of improvisation can ever do!

The solo we analyse is Danny Polo´s majestic one on “When Day is Done” from the Coleman Hawkins all-star octet recording of 1940. It is an ideal solo for the task at hand as it is so succinct and logical (almost as if it had been written beforehand!)

Download Features:

  • Meticulously prepared 30 minute on screen graphic analysis tutorial that features numerous notated and audio musical examples (+exercises) to give you the best learning experience.
  • PDF of the meticulous bar by bar, tutorial analysis that accompanies the video containing master notes and exercises inspired by the information in the solo. 
  • Section and exercises for making lines on using the Tonic Diminished
  • Mp3 audios to listen to and study with.
  • Suitable for all instruments. 


Basically you will learn a method to  analyse and study great solos as opposed to just Parroting them!


This resource  is suitable for the serious student who has the concentration, desire and commitment to drill down deeply to get the most out of the analysis.