Hendrix Inspired- riff, analysis + warm up exercises- all instruments- PDF download

Want a killing warm up exercise. That at the same time will introduce you to a wicked combination of notes you may not have come across before?

Look no further!

Discover the challenging and unusual melodic jumps contained inside  the famous and iconic Purple Haze riff by Jimmy Hendrix - a musical gem!

This classic riff is presented in  the following formats in the PDF:

1) in its original form in 12 keys from the low original key E- up to A- ( a 12th higher)

2) with slight variations ( inverted etc- so as to provide more variety) 

3) Harmonised 6 different Jazzy/Bluesy ways in E minor with piano 2 hand voicings

4) The above 6 harmonisations in 12 keys with chord symbols

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