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Hank Mobley Rhythm Changes Analysis Masterclass


Hank Mobley´s solo on Tenor Conclave is a text book example of playing Bebop language over Rhythm changes. It is full of beautiful voice leading, chromatic approaches, reharmonizations and the coolest Jazz vocabulary.

Within this invaluable resource, we delve deep into each mesmerizing phrase, unraveling the intricate relationship between the notes and the harmonies. It's like exploring the very DNA of these lines, unearthing the secrets of Mobley's genius.

By mastering the art of analyzing and internalizing such remarkable Jazz solos, you'll experience a significant enhancement in your own playing.

Let the magic of Hank Mobley's Bebop prowess elevate your musical journey to new heights!

Contents of Digital Download:

  • Mp4 Video on screen microscopic analysis of the first chorus 
  • Meticulous PDF  bar by bar written analysis of  the entire 3 chorus solo
  • Pdfs of the solo in Concert, Bb, Eb key
  •  Specially recorded Mp3 playalongs and demonstrations of the solo in 2 speeds -slow and medium for practice purposes
  • Rhythm changes chord progression PDF - the harmony of the Rhythm changes progression explained deeply.

watch an extract from the tutorial below

What is/are Rhythm Changes?

In Jazz, Rhythm changes is the name given to a very common chord pro-gression that is vital to know for the following reasons:
1) It is one of the core Chord progressions that many Jazz standards are built on

2) The Rhythm changes sequence of chords is fundamentally important to study deeply as the harmonic progression is one of the most foundational ones any serious student of Jazz will ever learn.