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A Guided Musical Meditation - MP3 Download

Guided Musical Meditation for Deep Internalisation of Minor sound emotions

We cannot hope to improvise coherently with depth and feeling if we are not intimately familiar with how the notes feel + what effect they will have to the musical proceedings.

This  Aural Mp3 Musical Meditation download will deepen your aural awareness taking your playing and musicianship to much higher levels.

In this 25 minute guided Musical Meditation, the listener is introduced carefully to each successive tone and experiences the unique feeling each one evokes along with gentle commentary. 

The download includes 2 files:

  • The 25+ minute Mp3 guided meditation in G minor
  • 12 x  Minor Drones for you to practice with in ALL 12 keys! 

Knowing how the different notes mix together is an absolute prerequisite  for improvisation and completely trumps all kind of technique prowess on any instrument.