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Flute+ Clarinet Duets volume 2

This Jazzduets instant PDF download contains  8 Flute and Clarinet Jazz Duets of mixed level from Intermediate to more Advanced (but not awfully!)  that have been meticulously written specifically to Inspire, Amuse and Educate.

The melodies are developed just like an improvisor would 'Jazz up a tune' using Blue Notes, Syncopation, Articulations and Dynamics to colour and personalise the tunes.

The lower second part has been meticulously crafted to create an exhilarating experience for players in each and every bar, harnessing the Clarinet's agile and gorgeous lower register.

The  original pieces full of Jazz, Blues, Funk  language provide interesting material for home practice sessions, classes or performance situations.


1. Blue Tones-  Medium swing Blues. Starts in Bb, then moves to Eb. There is an Improvised solo in F over a riff like bass line before the head out.

2. Summertime - In this arrangement of Summertime  I included some favourite phrases of some of my musical heroes - Stevie Wonder, Prince, Larry Adler and Gershwin himself - with great affection and gratitude.

3. Rhythm -swing tune built on the classic Rhythm changes so beloved of Jazz players

4. Ok -cheeky AABA tune, that explores the different types of minor sounds- melodic, harmonic, natural, and Blues.

5. Delta Blues -catchy lower Clarinet Riff  features a written solo

6. Hungry - this Blues  features jazz chromatic language- and contains a written solo.

7. Dood -funky 16th note  F-7 work out with Jimmy Hendrix reference !

8. Ok- this is an advanced level version with solo and other goodies