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Essential Minor Harmonic Exercises mini course

Learning and becoming familiar with the different sound worlds of the 4 main Minor scales is of paramount importance for the improvisor and composer.

 This download has been designed to help you get really inside the  Natural, Dorian, Harmonic and Melodic minors.

To do this each Minor scale has been re-enforced  with chords so as to bring outthe particular sound emotions each one imbues. The chords emphasises the unique colour of each Minor and expands our harmonic and melodic awareness

 If we can master these sounds we can take our playing and musicianship to much higher profounder levels.

This carefully prepared download is loaded full of resources that will help you learn the different sound worlds of each minor once and for all.

Included in the package :

  • 15 minute Jazzduets Video tutorial (not available on Youtube) that has been meticulously and prepared with attention on clarity and detail! (see below for fast preview)
  • PDF tutorial booklet that includes the 4 scales in 12 keys written out for the Piano + and  extensive Introduction covering alternate harmonisations+ FAQ section
  • A podcast version of the whole PDF book so you can learn by ear (the best way) in the car or on the bus!
  • 28 minute Podcast Audio listening resource Mp3 of the Piano examples of the Pdf tutorial Booklet so you can immerse yourself in the sounds for hours!
  • 48  Audio mp3 files of all the examples that can you can use to train your ear to the hear the unique sound emotions each different minor scale evokes
  •  Blindfold random full 28 minute Mp3 Eartraining test (answers after each minor). This features the 48 tests.
  • Midi files of all the harmonisationsso  that you add them to any Digital Audio Workstation and change the sounds, speed , use the chords for songs, as playalongs or just for eartraining.
  • Deep Listening slow Meditation string versions (58 minutes)  for you to immerse yourself deeply in the sound world and emotions of each minor. This can also be used as a playalong to improvise over.
  • Lead sheet PDF with chord symbols  of the 48 harmonisations  so you can test your chord symbol knowledge
  • Roman Numeral version of the 4 Minor harmonisations that tests wether you can translate the Roman numeral symbols to any key!