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Essential Jazz Harmony 12 key Piano practice

The “Original”  Classic Chord progression featured in this PDF is one of the most important to learn and understand as it is so ubiquitous in Jazz.

Learning and internalising this essential to know sequence on the Piano in 12 keys will profoundly deepen your understanding of harmony, taking your musicianship/improvisation to a much higher level, whilst training your ear!

Included in this digital Download are the following:

  • PDF booklet of the Classic progression + 3 other variations that feature essential to know substitutions in all 12 keys with chord symbols and full Piano voicings 
  • 15 minute detailed Mp3 Podcast Analysis Tutorial of the theory that includes an ear training test at the end
  • Reference Pdf to printout for use with the Podcast

The assimilation of the  harmonic information in this package is guaranteed to help move your playing, aural awareness and general musicianship to higher levels.

Harmony featured :

  • Diminished and IV minor functions
  • Augmented Dominant chords
  • Tritone Substitution chords
  • Secondary  Dominants


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