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Essential Blues Ear training Tests

Introducing the revolutionary Blues Ear Training System - a definitive and comprehensive program that covers all the essential chord options every serious Jazz student should know in all 12 keys!

This innovative system, along with its comprehensive tests, has been meticulously crafted to sharpen your auditory perception and comprehension of the ten most important and time-tested Jazz/Blues progressions within the Great American Jazz continuum.

By immersing yourself in these vital chord sequences, you will elevate your grasp of Jazz harmony, taking your musicianship and improvisational skills to new heights.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will undoubtedly elevate your musical skills and bring you closer to your improvisational goals!

This digital download includes the following:

  • 48 mp3 Audio files ( 4 tests per each of the 12 keys)
  • 12 grid sheets that simultaneously display all the chord possibilities in every key + Roman numeral analysis (so you can understand the logic of the progressions) 
  •  An Answer sheet of the 48 mp3 tests, that you initially use, and over time dispense with as you ear improves!

How to use the system:

1) Upload the files in to your favourite Mp3 player

2) listen through deeply, day in day and out making notes on how the different chords feel. 

3) Test yourself! Play the Mp3’s randomly, looking at the  accompanying chord sheet trying to see if you can hear the different chord colours.

4)  Play the Mp3’s randomly, without the accompanying chord sheet to see if you can identify the progressions.

5) Use the Mp's as a playalong! Try singing  and playing along with your instrument, with and without the grid sheets, reacting and 'nailing' the different chord changes.

 Are you ready to grow and expand you ears?