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Essential Blues Eartraining system/tests/playalong

Now, for the first time a DEFINITIVE Blues Ear training system comprising all the chord options serious students of Jazz need to know in 12 keys!

This innovative system + tests has been meticulously designed to train you to hear + understand  the 10 + most important tried and tested Jazz/ Blues progressions of the Great American Jazz continuum.

Immersing your ears in these vital chord sequences, you will deepen your understanding of Jazz harmony, taking your musicianship/improvisation to a much higher level.

Note. If you wish to purchase this with a credit card please proceed to the JazzDuets parallel site here: https://gum.co/vQZSr

This digital download includes the following:

  • 48 mp3 Audio files ( 4 tests per each of the 12 keys)
  • 12 grid sheets that simultaneously display all the chord possibilities in every key + Roman numeral analysis (so you can understand the logic of the progressions) 
  •  An Answer sheet of the 48 mp3 tests, that you initially use, and over time dispense with as you ear improves!

How to use the system:

1) Upload the files in to your favourite Mp3 player

2) listen through deeply, day in day and out making notes on how the different chords feel. 

3) Play the Mp3’s randomly, looking at the  accompanying chord sheet trying to see if you can hear the different chord colours.

4)  Play the Mp3’s randomly, without the accompanying chord sheet

5) Use the Mp's as a playalong! So try singing  and playing along with your instrument, with and without the grid sheets, reacting and 'nailing' the different chord changes.

 Are you ready to grow and expand you ears? 

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Egied H.
Netherlands Netherlands
Essential ear training

For my level a bit steep (beginner) but a good challenge

Germany Germany
Fun Way To Train The Ear And Explore The Blues

I'm writing this review after working with material for two weeks now. The material is just great! It's a fun way to explore blues progressions that go beyond the basic I-IV-V-progression. I highly recommend the workout to everybody who doesn't like to train the ears with just intervals and chords without context. PLUS you can use the progressions to get creative yourself!

Duery F.
United States United States
Essential Blues Eartraining system/tests/playalong

Honestly, I recently downloaded and have not time to thoroughly study this program. I purchased this product in good faith as I have been satisfied with earlier musical-related purchases.

Goran E.
Italy Italy
Great approach to music

I love your overall approach to music, I'm a musician that performed a lot but haven't developed a good knowledge of music through the years... You're helping to make it all clear, finally. :)

Jesse D.
Canada Canada
Take your musical understanding to a whole new level

I've been watching Nick Holmes teach musical harmony for a couple years now. He shares an absolute wealth of knowledge in his videos, but it's the downloadable extra content the gives the keeners some great study material. I'm so grateful to have become a better musician through his content.

jrf r.
United States United States
Online purchase

I really like the materiaslI bought. Thank you for your efforts in developing an easy way to understanding music complexities.

Switzerland Switzerland
Love it

I find the exercise is simple, but very deep and efective. The explanation goes directly to the point. Good audio files. Excellent job. Thanks

United States United States
The Best Experience

I'm Greatefull, I bought a few Products from Jazzduets, This Pdf and videos are amazing, an easy way to explain Things hard to undertand by your self, I understood things in just minutes of listening the Material, and with a few weeks of practice I will improve my Playing by Far. The Jazz language explained in minutes. EXCELLENT !!

A Jazzduetshop Customer
Richard G.
Germany Germany
Great resource from a great resource

Nick produces videos for what is simply one of the best YouTube music channels available.

olivier b.
France France
Essential blues eartraining

Good for practice and the knownledge of Blue's harmonic forms

Martin m.
France France
Essential blues ear training

Very clever way of learning the composition of scales and functions, on top of an excellent ear training tool of course. A similar system including Minor Melodic chords would be even greater! I use it the way you show it, with paper and pen. I can hear every options and could write every grid with functions only, but am not fast enough yet to write them down in certain "unsusal" keys. By the way, for a A7 in the key of C, do you use the Berkeley V7/II system which includes the possible resolution or the more classic Juilliard (?) VI7? I find the latter easier, but wonder if the first isn't more profitable in the long run?

Markus G.
Switzerland Switzerland

As an internediate player this course is very challenging for me, but fun!

Stefan W.
Germany Germany
Really worth it's money!

Really worth it's money! :)

Clement B.
France France
Really great!

A really great tool lo learn to hear all these different changes ! So useful :-)

Jean M.
United States United States
Very happy with "Essential Blues Eartraining system/tests/playalong"

Very good material to learn (hear) the blues with. I particular like grid architecture showing the different "paths" that can be followed. I understand that your goal towards ear training, however it would benefit immensely to have an indication of the chords voicing for the piano to verify and solidify what is being heard, at least couple examples from your most popular keys. Thanks,

jean-pierre m.
Canada Canada
blues ear training = great practice tool

Great ear training companion to 10+ essential blues progressions... Singing the roots along is a great way to ingrain all the variations.