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Essential Basic Harmony of Stevie wonder Tutorial

The Harmonic progression featured in this download  is a must know for all musicians who want a solid base in harmony on which to build.

This PDF booklet features 7 incredible Stevie Wonder examples - that show what magical music can be crafted from simple harmonic resources.

This 4 chord progression is so vital to learn as these chords are found in so many classic songs and  associating them with famous tunes helps immeasurably to internalise the sound and theory.

The 7  Stevie Wonder  songs referenced are : (Evil, Please Don't go, Lighting up the Candles, I believe, He's misstra Know it All, Happier than the morning sun)

The booklet is divided in to the following sections:

  1. The lead sheets + chords symbols (short hand version jazz players prefer) of the 4 bar progression of each song
  2.  Basic Piano Voicings of the 4 bar progression of each song, spelling the notes that are in each chord -if you are not familiar with the chord symbols. Good place to start!
  3.  Suggested Piano voicings on 2 staves (treble and bass)- these sound more realistic that the above basic voicings,  of the 4 bar progression of each song
  4.  Grid Chord views of  the  7 Entire Songs so you can see how the I I7 IV IV-progression relates to the entire piece! 
  5.  The Midi file with all the examples 

ALSO INCLUDED in this Download:

3 Killer Lines -  featuring SIR DUKE, MASTER BLASTER, CONTUSION + You and I lead sheet.


3 Mp4 video tutorials