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Don't be Square exercises + Mp3 Tutorial + PDF digital download

"Embrace the art of dynamic improvisation and free your musical creation!

Dulling our improvisations, and boring our audience with square lines that rigidly adhere to the beat will lead us down a path of monotony and confinement, and ultimately less than optimal happiness!

However, fear not!

This specially crafted Digital package is here to empower you with the necessary resources to transform ordinary lines and exercises into vibrant, rhythmical phrases bursting with life.

Bid farewell to unadventurous, square playing and break free to explore the boundless realm of rhythmic musical expression!

As well the concepts covered will serve as preparation for playing in odd time signatures like  5/4 or /7/8. 

The Instant Download Includes :

  • A Specially recorded Podcast tutorial (8mins) where I teach you two tremendous musical techniques that will ensure that your lines will never be square again! Simple but vital techniques for the improvisor to know. (this podcast includes audio examples of the 8 examples/exercises)
  • PDF of the sheet music examples for Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments
  • Mp3 of all the Youtube video examples + all the examples in the podcast tutorial - so you can hear how they sound.
  • The "Funky beat" on its own for you to enjoy practicing with.