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Diminished Triad Pair exercises

Do you want to Turbo charge your Jazz improvisation, add new sounds to your improvisational tool box whilst simultaneously working on your technique?

Learn to take Diminished Triad Pair shapes and effortlessly move them through the 4  harmonies featured in this resource (minor, altered dominant, minor7b5 and Lydian dominant) leveraging this information and invested practice time by multiple factors!


 INCLUDED in the download:

  • PDF that contains Diminished Triad Pair theory, 72 Diminished Triad Pair exercises, You tube video examples notated for Concert, Bb and Eb instruments
  • 48 mp3 practice play along drones  (12 x minor, 12 x altered dominant, 12x dominant 13th, 12x  minor7b5)
  • Mp3 demonstrations and Play alongs of  YT video examples
  • 4 x Mp4 Diminished Triad Pair shape demonstration notated videos

Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Players