Creative exercises for Chromatically approaching Pentatonic scales

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This innovative and unique PDF combines 2 different improvisational systems to stunning effect as it  provides the improvisor with a coherent way to add jazzy chromatic notes to Pentatonic lines.

The meticulously crafted exercises demonstrate approaching each note of the Pentatonic  scale with 1, 2, 3 and 4 note chromatic enclosures.

A world of  cool sounds + creative possibilities is created!

 The approaches are presented in an understandable step by step way, making the perhaps complex material easier to assimilate.

Applying approaches to Pentatonic scales will  transform your improvisations, taking you to a much higher level of fluency.

This Instant PDF digital  download contains the EXACT part demonstrated in the

 Jazzduets Youtube video below:

The 4 files included:

1) In Concert 2)  In Bb 3) in Eb  4) Bass Clef  5) Mp3 of the Funky Groove

Enjoy and Practice!