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Blue Bossa Triad Pair exercises + Drone preparation Exercises Digital download

Want a challenge that will take your playing to higher levels whilst adding to your improvisational toolbox of resources?

The Triad Pair exercises in this PDF are unique as they tackle the entire chord sequence of the Blue Bossa, a classic tune made up of different chord qualities - Tonic Minor, Minor 7th b5, altered dominant, Major 7th.

This  resources is actually 2 products in one! 1) Blue Bossa Triad Pair exercises

2) Blue Bossa Drone triad pair preparation exercises

This is real life applicable practice material, that you will be able to use, develop and make your own,not isolated unrelated technical exercises.

Note. If you wish to purchase this with a credit card please proceed to the JazzDuets parallel site here: https://gum.co/ULgbH


The exercises are perfect for intermediate and advanced level players of

any instrument as the Pdf comes in Concert, Bb and Eb versions.

Included in the download:

  • The 8 luxurious string drones of the different chords qualities (minor, altered dominant, minor 7 flat 5, major of the chords in Blue Bossa ) to prepare your ears and fingers with the different triad pairs.
  • The preparation exercises as played on the video notated for Bb, Eb and C instruments
  • The Blue Bossa exercises Pdf for Bb, Eb and C Instruments
  • Blue Bossa piano play along to practice with mp3 in 3 speeds. Slow-medium and regular.
  • 2 x Mp4 Video tutorials


The 11 choruses of the exercises on the chord Sequence are as follows:

First and second chorus- the melody embellished with triad pairs

3rd chorus- triad pairs in 8th notes

4th chorus - triad pairs in 8th notes and triplets

5th chorus - a further variation of the 4th chorus

6th chorus- features triad pairs in triplets

7th chorus- triad pairs in triplets with some 16ths added in.

8th chorus - pure 16th notes

9th chorus - a variation of chorus 8

10th chorus - mixed 16th and triplet notes

11th chorus - this features the rhythms of the triad pairs changing every bar for

great variety.

  Please note the Alto saxophone part has been adapted/optimized/re-written to fit the entire range of this instrument.

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Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
Blue bossa triad pair

Very interesting

A Jazzduetshop Customer
Howard G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Blue Bossa Triad Pairs

A great way to learn and apply triad pairs to a jazz standard and equally as important to play more rhythmically no matter what instrument you play.

木内 宏.
Japan Japan
On this method

I'm interested in this triad pair method. I'd like to see examples of using this approach in other songs(e.g. autumn leaves). and the backing track and drones are useful.

Gilles D.
France France
Fantastic material

Hello, sorry for my English , I’m French I began to work with this material three days , I play the first pattern C- D- at the beginning it’s sound good but this type of patterns is a little systemic, after one hour I try improvise freely on Stella by starlight and magically appears new phrases, new ways in my playing !! I know and everybody must know that the liberty in improvisation is a result of working hard . I love your work and hope that you continue Best

Bhudinant D.
Thailand Thailand
Very easy to understand with good example sounds

love it!!!! Step by step , very intuitive with good sounds for be familiar with the scales not just reading!!

Marian M.
Slovakia Slovakia
Ghosh D.
Singapore Singapore
Perfect Practice

Great scales/triads to get familiar with the chords/scales for this song. Love it!

Kenneth H.
United States United States
Blue Bossa Triad Pair exercises

These triad pair exercises opened a new dimension of tonal possibilities.

Micha I.
Israel Israel

Since I bought the Blue Bossa Triad Pairs I can't get my hands off the sax! Only writing this review is a good reason to do so... The triads are making their way into my dreams. I can play them for hours, and they ignite the creativity in a way nothing has done so ib the last years... This is dynamite!!! Thank you Nick so much, and what a timing...

Bo K.
Sweden Sweden
Blue Bossa Triad Pair exercises

One minute to learn. A lifetime to master :-)

Bo K.
Sweden Sweden
Blue Bossa Triad Pair exercises

One minute to learn. A lifetime to master :-)

Bo K.
Sweden Sweden
Blue Bossa Triad Pair exercises

One minute to learn. A lifetime to master :-)

Claudio R.
Italy Italy

I've been living and playing 10 years long in Buenos Aires and never met Nick. What a shame! Keep doing your great work.

victor z.
Israel Israel
Blue Bossa Triad Pairs

Excellent work. Love it

Gilles D.
France France
Very good learning tool

It remains to work now, as usual.

Charlie C.
United States United States
Home run again!

This classic standard is just the type of tune I wanted to use with the analyzing information in this tutorial!