Beginner Bundle - Starting into Jazz improvisation

Jazzduets Beginner Bundle

Enjoy weeks and weeks of practice material for improvisation beginners with the beginner bundle! This is the most complete one-time purchase collection of exercises and resources for you to improve your Jazz impro for many instruments. 

The mix of topics ranges from major scale exercises, triad pairs, blues arpeggios, basic harmony, licks and much more..


Is the beginner bundle for you?

If you are already familiar with reading & understanding notes and started out with Jazz, now it is time to take the next step and learn the basics and theory of improvisation with this selection of very practical and video-supported exercises. 



Every digital download inside the beginner bundle includes an extensive PDF for you to practise and is introduced and accompanied by one of my Youtube videos. Many resources further have MP3s to playalong and sometimes also tutorial videos to give you the best guidance possible. 

You will learn important Jazz improvisation basics and also acquire interesting skills, useful for the development of your uniqe improvisation style! 



All resources inside this bundle are digital downloads, accessible right after purchase! 


Creative Major Scale Exercises - All Instruments 

168 exercises to delve deeply inside the  Major scale in an  innovative harmonic  way unheard before! Read more..

Introductory Guitar Exercises for chromatically approaching Triad pairs

The  meticulously crafted exercises in this  50 page PDF  will introduce you to this powerful improvisational system of combining  Chromatically Approaching triad pairs on Guitar. Read more..

 The "Blues Arpeggio"- Exercises

 The Blues Arpeggio exercises  will innovate your daily routine, inspiring you with the bluesy/jazzy sounds and intervals this unique arpeggio contains. Read more..

 Coltrane "Meditation" exercise

The exercise proposed in this digital download is arguably THE most important  any serious musician can ever practice. Read more..

Essential Basic Harmony of Stevie wonder

The definitive I I7 IV IV-  progression featured in this download  is a must know for all musicians who want a solid base in harmony on which to build. Read more..

Essential Jazz Harmony 12 key Piano practice

The assimilation of the  harmonic information in this package is guaranteed to help move your playing, aural awareness and general musicianship to higher levels. Read more..

Spot the difference - Minor scale harmonisation

This PDF has been specially crafted to help you develop the ability to  learn + hear + feel the differences between the 4 Main Minor scales: Natural, Melodic, Harmonic and Dorian. Read more..

SING Brecker

The intriguing angular line under the microscope in this PDF mixes the minor 7th and major 6th intervals so favoured by Michael Brecker. Read more..

Killer Licks + exercises

This tremendous lick features the heart wrenching dissonance of surrounding the root note of a dominant chord chromatically. (Sounds Painful- it is'nt!) Read more..

Holst - World in Union

4 versions of the Jupiter/World  in Union theme by Gustav Holst from "The Planets" are included in the PDF download. Read more..

Lonnie's Lament fender rhodes playalong Mp3

Here is the fender Rhodes playalong with chords that match the Coltrane Crescent Album with a good deal of accuracy. Read more..

Filby's Theme

This is an incredibly beautiful short piece that gives us a masterclass in the Melodic Minor. Read more..


Video Examples from the Bundle

 The Blues Arpeggio Exercises - Part of the Beginner Bundle