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9 reviews

Back Door II- V I Essential Harmony PDF

If you are interested in Jazz/Soul harmony the  emotional Backdoor ii-7 V7 is essential to know and love.

This PDF digital booklet contains 9  stunning examples of the back door II- V7 featured in the  Jazzduets You tube videos + lead sheet of  My Foolish Heart with Piano Voicings.

Each example is notated with the piano Voicings in treble and Bass Clef and with the melody  and  chord symbols. 

Explanatory notes are included so as to help you understand the theory

of each example.

This PDF will help you to to hear and understand this vitally important 

chord movement!

The Examples:

1) Ordinary Pain (Stevie Wonder)

2)  It Knocks me off my feet  (Stevie Wonder)

3) Send one Your Love  (Stevie Wonder)

4) Lately  (Stevie Wonder)

5) Weakness  (Stevie Wonder)

6) Crying in the Night  (Stevie Wonder)

7) Free Deniece Williams

8) My Foolish Heart

9) The Yardbird Suite  (Charlie Parker)



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Spain Spain

Back Door ii-V Harmony

Excellent and concise analysis of the back door ii-V progression with Stevie Wonder's compositions and examples. Even useful for a guitar player and part-time keyboard "aficionado" who can't read music properly like me...

Gabriel P.
Romania Romania

Stevie Wonder's Harmony Finally Revealed

I understood finally why Stevie Wonder's songs sound so different in a way that I'd never thought of. But I'm new in studying harmony and I have quite a lot to learn.

Pietro S.
Italy Italy

Feed back

Dear Nick, I truly appreciate your way of examine many aspects around the music's world. My legal name is Pietro even though use Piercarlo Salvia since I started to work in music. I do activities as a studio musician as a teacher and performer. I'm over 50s and for a personal way of life I'm not "socially connected" and I don't spend much time on web.I was lucky to meet your very important musical thought and I'm still studing so your material is an excellent tool to put new energy in this field. I beg you pardon for my english and I will try to share your work around even though the language in Italy is still a problem. Thanks a lot and one last question.Do you have a program of study about arranging for horns, kind of organized lessons? Thank you and I sincerely hope a wonderfull future. Piercarlo Salvia Clarinet,Saxophones. P.S. I' m sorry you needed a review about the item but I wrotw a mail. I' m still checking.I know about back door technique transcribing jazz solos and listening to church music but your way of analyzing through pop music is very clear and helpfull.

Cameron N.
United States United States

Very much enjoying the pdf!

Love the material. Also, really enjoy the Youtube channel! Thanks!!

Nicolas O.
United States United States

Great but I want more!

Your PDFs are exactly what I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I already purchased a second PDF. I play several instruments (bass is my main) and I’m a massive Stevie Wonder fan. Every time I try to learn a song of his though, I find that the song sheets available online (usually paid) are not transcribed very well. Your transcriptions are much more accurate and your harmonic analysis is INCREDIBLY helpful. I would LOVE it if there was more material here. I would gladly pay full book price for something more substantive in a similar format. For instance, I enjoyed learning the excerpt you provided for Lately, but then I wanted to go onto learn the whole song and found transcriptions that were less than great and also found myself lost when trying to make sense of the harmony on my own. A full transcription with functional harmony notes of all of Hotter Than July for instance would be a dream come true. I can tell you I would personally pay up to $80 for a copy. I mainly learn/analyze these songs on the keyboard, but I often also learn them in other instruments.If you have other content that goes more in-depth like online classes or deep dives into anything related to harmony, especially for soul/R&B I would also be really interested in hearing about it.

A Jazzduetshop Customer
Vincent H.
Netherlands Netherlands

. .

Fred Y.
United States United States

Tasty Nugs of Harmony Goodness

I play the guitar but Nick’s lessons have really helped me to understand the complex harmonic relationships and be able to harmonize any melody fairy decently in a short time. I will def buy more of these little pdf treasures. Really great educational training and delivered in such a way that puts being musical first. Top Notch, i’ll be getting them all eventually!

Jazzduetshop Back Door II- V I  Essential Harmony PDF Review
jean-pierre m.
Canada Canada

Back door ii-V

Very good examples of back door ii-V with theoritical examples for each one

Johnny M.
United States United States

Thorough practice guides

Nicely presented stuff to practice with