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The approach note technique outlined here is such a tremendous system as it can be applied  in an infinite number of ways.The only limit is the musicians imagination!
It is a system that trains the you, the musician to add chromatic notes to your lines that make are coherent, make sense and sound jazzy and cool!


The Approach Note  Exercises  Complete PDF download Bundle

Contains ALL the following  Approach note exercises from these videos:

Warning - This is alot of material!


1) The 1, 2 and 3  Note   introductory exercises PDF booklets in 12 keys  which are designed to help the  coherent assimilation of non diatonic jazzy embellishment notes for those new to the system.

2) The Approach  Note Dominant 7th Booklets in C and Bb  as per Youtube  video containing Exercises and licks (2,3 and 4 note approaches)

3)  The 12 jazz licks that are full of approach notes that traverse the 

cycle of 4ths progression!

4) The Donna Lee Approach note solo in Concert and for Bflat and Eflat

5) The Marty Paich one note approach note exercise in 12 keys