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Amazing Grace 6 harmonisations booklet + Midi files

If you are looking to learn  the type of emotional chords Soul giants like Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Whitney Houston have used to embue feelings in to their arrangements you have come to the right place!

The 6 Jazzduets Harmonisations of the traditional classic "Amazing Grace" contained in this download are packed with essential/must know harmony for all lovers of Jazz, Soul, Blues + Gospel!

This meticulously crafted series guides you step by step from simple to more sophisticated "Soul Jazz"  harmony.

Each version of Amazing Grace builds upon the previous one in a logical way and comes with analysis notes, roman chord symbols + Piano Notation.

You may be inspired to try these harmonies on other traditional tunes or perhaps even in your own compositions.

This Download contains:

1) the 6 harmonised versions of Amazing Grace featured in the JazzDuets You tube video  notated for Piano in treble and bass clef.

2) 8 x mp4 videos(6 are Tutorials)

3) + the midi files of each harmonisation

4) Detailed analysis of each harmonisation

5) Roman numeral analysis so you can play in any key and to help understand the harmony

6) Pdf of these Amazing Grace harmonisations in 12 keys