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Advanced Clarinet Jazz Duets

Advanced Clarinet Duets for Performers (34 page pdf download) contains 9 Original Duets providing the experienced Clarinet Player with challenging material written with live performance in mind. The pieces contain introductions, codas, modulations as well as written Solos full of real Jazz language that increase interest and challenge and are each 3-4 pages long. Suitable for more advanced players who are looking for total immersion in the Jazz idiom. Inside almost every Duet a musical tribute to some great Jazz composer or improvisor  has been inserted with the purpose of enriching the pieces.

Instrumentation- 2 Clarinets

1. Bourbon Street Blues in C features a solo in F brimming with phrases reminiscent of Johnny Hodges to whom it is dedicated. The ‘head out’ is developed further with a modulation to G and adds rhythmic and harmonic variation (2.20)

2. HoboBlues in F explores the major-minor sound that is such an important feature of the blues. The solo in the jazz vernacular gives the student the chance to ‘wail’ in homage to Sidney Bechet (2.04)

3. Ramblin Blues is dedicated to the grandfather of jazz - Duke Ellington, composer of such classics as Take the A Train, Mood Indigo and Satin Doll. Starts in Bb major, modulating to C in the solo and heads out in D major - adding colour and tension (2.25)

4. Delta Blues features a riffy low sub-tone second part and is dedicated to Ben Webster; gentle giant of the tenor sax, who could evoke so much from his sound alone. (2.09)

5. FATS This duet is dedicated to Fats Waller - the great Jazz Pianist/singer. entertainer who wrote ‘Ain’t misbhavin’ .

Unlike all the other tunes in the book this one does not follow the classic 12 bar structure of the blues.

6.Memphis Blues in honour of legendary saxophonist John Coltrane with reference to the Crescent album (1.58) Starts in G, chorus to in C, 3rd chorus F head out Bb

7. Jive Blues starts in C . Then comes a shout like head in D but marked softly! The out head modulates to Eb with further passing notes and added embellishments to increase the tension (2.17)


8. Barrel House Blues is a zany blues that traverses various styles and rhythms - 12/8 afro, funk , swing, and keys F and G to challenge the player whilst providing a feast for the ears! (2.24)





"Advanced Blues for performers Duets are challenging, very musical and demonstrate a deep understanding of the Blues & Jazz vocabulary. There is plenty of stylistic language that can be gleaned from these duet studies. Extended range, chromaticism, rhythmic interplay and well conceived independent contrapuntal parts present some good technical and musical challenges for the players.

Greg Heath - B.A. A.D.J.S.

Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Educator