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Advanced Bundle

The Advanced Bundle

Features the following handpicked resources:

1) Triad pair Cantaloupe Island exercises PDF 

This download features Triad pair exercises over the famous groovy chords of Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock that will challenge you technically whilst training your ear to hear these harmonies taking your playing to a new level.

 This  digital Pdf  ( in 4 versions: for  Bb Sax and Bb Trumpet + Eb Sax + C instruments) contains :

  • The exact Exercises as shown in the Youtube Video 
  •  The 'basic' versions  of the  above exercises that are written to introduce the player to the triads- hence one grouping per chorus of 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7 and 8 notes in 8th notes, triplets and 16th notes-
  • 2 x Mp3 Play alongs to practice with at original pace and a little slower!
  • New Eb versions  specially adapted for Alto Sax, using the entire range


2) Blue Bossa Triad Pair + Drone preparation Exercises

Included in the download:

  • The 8 luxurious string drones of the different chords qualities (minor, altered dominant, minor 7 flat 5, major of the chords in Blue Bossa ) to prepare your ears and fingers with the different triad pairs.
  • The preparation exercises as played on the video notated for Bb, Eb and C instruments
  • The Blue Bossa exercises Pdf for Bb, Eb and C Instruments
  • Blue Bossa piano play along to practice with mp3 in 3 speeds. Slow-medium and regular.
  • 2 x Mp4 Video tutorials


3) Superimposing Lydian Pentatonic shapes on Major7th chords

 The bright, uplifting, ethereal sound of superimposing the Minor pentatonic on the Major 7th chord is a wonder addition to any improvisors toolbox of sounds. 

 When we superimpose the Minor Pentatonic on to the 7th degree of the major 7th chord we highlight the major 7th, 9th, the 3rd, #11 and 13th (or 6th) - the higher extensions of the chords.

 Understanding + adding these uplifting ethereal sounds to our repertoire will help us to take our playing higher levels.

 The download includes the following:

  • Mp3 of all the video examples 
  • Regular and Slower backing  Mp3 play along tracks
  • PDF of all video exercises that demonstrate superimposing the pentatonic starting on the Minor 3rd and Major 7th of the Major 7th chord forConcert, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments + GTR TAB
  • A theory Pdf that contains examples of the superimposition in various keys.


4) Approach Note Exercises package download

 This download is a package of multiple Jazzduets Approach Note  Exercises put together:

  •  The 1, 2 and 3  Note   introductory exercises PDF booklets in 12 keys  which are designed to help the  coherent assimilation of non diatonic jazzy embellishment notes for those new to the system.
  •  The Approach  Note Dominant 7th Booklets in C and Bb  as per Youtube  video containing Exercises and licks (2,3 and 4 note approaches)
  • The 12 jazz licks that are full of approach notes that traverse the 
  • cycle of 4ths progression!
  • The Donna Lee Approach note solo in Concert and for B flat and E flat
  •  The Marty Paich one note approach note exercise in 12 keys 
  • 5 mp4 tutorial videos

This group of resources is the  first product of its kind, that offers  step by step exercises that  train you to add coherent, cool, jazzy  chromatic notes to your lines (the ones pros use!)

The Approach Note technique outlined here is such a tremendous system as it can be applied  in an infinite number of ways. The only limit  after having studied the system will be your imagination!


5) 7/4 12 key Amazing Grace practice playalong digital download

 Playing in Odd time Signatures like 7/4 is a great fun way to practice and strengthen rhythmic understanding.

Command of Rhythm and Rhythmic variety is key to sounding competent as an improvisor. 

A stunning  technique is useless if you cannot play in time.

This Jazzduets arrangement of the Timeless classic 'Amazing Grace' has been written to challenge and inspire. It features:

1) 7/4 time, sometimes alternating groups of 223 and  332, which keeps the player on their toes!

2) 12 modulations . The tune modulates up a half step every, upping the emotional charge.

3) Rich Jazz harmony - secondary dominants, Upper extensions, modal interchange to name a few!

4)  Tasty melodic lines drawn from the great American Jazz continuum. 

The Digital Download contains the following:

  1. 4 Digital Pdf's of the 12 Variations. (C, B, Eb and Bass clef versions)
  2. The following 4 Mp3 Play alongs:
  • backing track+ melody at 120 beats per minute
  • backing track at 120bpm without melody
  • backing track+ melody slower at 90bpm
  • backing track slower at 90bpm without melody


6) Essential Blues Ear training system/tests/play along

Now, for the first time a DEFINITIVE Blues Ear training system comprising all the chord options serious students of Jazz need to know in 12 keys!

This innovative system + tests has been meticulously designed to train you to hear + understand  the 10 + most important tried and tested Jazz/ Blues progressions of the Great American Jazz continuum.

Immersing your ears in these vital chord sequences, you will deepen your understanding of Jazz harmony, taking your musicianship/improvisation to a much higher level.

This digital download includes the following:

  • 48 mp3 Audio files ( 4 tests per each of the 12 keys)
  • 12 grid sheets that simultaneously display all the chord possibilities in every key + Roman numeral analysis (so you can understand the logic of the progressions) 
  •  An Answer sheet of the 48 mp3 tests, that you initially use, and over time dispense with as you ear improves!

7) Hendrix Pentatonic Exercises- PDF download

The innovative Hendrix Pentatonic combines the Major and Minor 3rd producing a compelling dichotomy of sound that is angular and unusual rarely seen in traditional resource books.

Arguably the Major and Minor 3rd is the musical Ying Yang of Jazz and Blues.

The specially written exercises in this PDF challenge the ear and fingers with wide, spacious patterns  designed to familiarize the player to this edgy scale whilst at the same time  opening up a myriad of new possibilities to the improvisor.

The  35 page PDF is suitable for most Treble instruments: Flutes, Saxes, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet etc- as the range of each exercise has been very carefully considered. 

8) Tetratonic exercises 

Tetratonic scales (4 note scales) are fascinating when inverted and mixed up as they produce unusual, modern, inspiring sounds, which challenge the technique and expand the ear! Files Included: 

  • PDF of Exercises especially written to aid the assimilation of these sounds.
  • Mp4 video  

9) 12 studies on a minor 7 vamp - digital PDF+ Mp3 backing track 

These specially crafted exercises  are packed with innovative lines that will challenge and inspire whilst strengthening your technique and developing your ear to boot!
The download contains:PDF for C, Bb Eb and Bass Instruments + Mp3 of backing track + Explanatory PDF of each of the 12 scales/ideas used.  Some of these examples  are new! ( Super Blues scale, Hybrid Blues Scale, Hendrix pentonic minor+ Others) and some better know : ( penatonic, bebop)  Written solo examples of the following ideas are presented:
  1. Bebop scale + approach notes -  a jazzy sound 
  2. Major pairs triads -  redolent of the Dorian 
  3. Approaching Major Triads - chromatic coherent sound
  4. Melodic Minor Sound
  5. Treating the chord as a Tonic Minor- classical type sound
  6.  The Minor Pentatonic - sturdy 'inside sound'
  7.  The Blues scale - blues sound
  8.  Hendrix Pentatonic - edgy variant on the pentatonic
  9.  Hybrid Blues scale - mixing major + minor 3rd in to the blues scale
  10.  Bebop Blues scale - more chromatic notes
  11. The 'Super Blues scale' -  8 note blues scale
  12.  Approaching the Minor Pentatonic with chromatic approach notes