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7/4 12 key Amazing Grace practice workout

Playing in Odd time Signatures like 7/4 is a great fun way to practice and strengthen rhythmic understanding.

Command of Rhythm and Rhythmic variety is key to sounding competent as an improvisor. 

A stunning  technique is useless if you cannot play in time.

This Jazzduets arrangement of the Timeless classic 'Amazing Grace' has been written to challenge and inspire. It features:

1) 7/4 time, sometimes alternating groups of 223 and  332, which keeps the player on their toes!

2) 12 modulations . The tune modulates up a half step every, upping the emotional charge.

3) Rich Jazz harmony - secondary dominants, Upper extensions, modal interchange to name a few!

4)  Tasty melodic lines drawn from the great American Jazz continuum. 

The Digital Download contains the following:

  1. 4 Digital Pdf's of the 12 Variations. (C, B, Eb and Bass clef versions)
  2. The following 4 Mp3 Play alongs:
  • backing track+ melody at 120 beats per minute
  • backing track at 120bpm without melody
  • backing track+ melody slower at 90bpm
  • backing track slower at 90bpm without melod

7/4 Amazing Grace 12 key variations