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24 Rhythm Changes "Study" solos

- Do you want a killer workout on the most important harmonic progression in Jazz?

- One that will help you develop your ears, chops, jazz vocabulary and harmonic understanding?

If yes, Look no further!

The harmonic progression of Rhythm Changes is one of the most important for the student of Jazz to study(like a rite of passage - as well as the Blues)

In makes perfect sense therefore for the serious student of improvisation to practice Rhythm Changes in all 12 keys! 

The Rhythm Changes Study  solos in all 12 keys contains 24 specially written solos drenched in authentic language from the great Jazz continuum that will

  1. train your ears 
  2. strengthen and challenge your technique
  3. build your jazz language
  4. deepen your jazz chord theory 


 This resource has been created to provide you with written Rhythm Changes
solos in all 12 keys, so as to give you some concrete examples over this iconic harmony to study that feature authentic language from the great Jazz continuum as well as modern techniques such as Approach notes and Substitute chords.

 The 24 original study solos are organised in to two groups each of which features a fascinating improvisational concept, that is vital to know:

  •  12 “standalone” solos that feature the“Local” improvisational conceptdesigned to played alone that highlights and traces the harmony. (Bebop)
  •  12 “accompanied”solos that feature the "Global” improvisational concept that designed to be played with the included Guitar accompaniment.

The digital download contains the following files:

  • Main PDF in 4 versions Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass clef.
  • Separate Harmonic Analysis of Rhythm Changes PDF
  • Mp3 tracks of 12 standalone solos
  • Mp3 tracks of “accompanied” demonstration solos (Sax + Guitar)
  • Mp3 Guitar play along backing tracks for use with the “accompanied”  solos or just to jam with!


  •  fun and inspiring to practice 
  •  Intermediate to Advanced Level 
  •  Range suitable for the saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet + guitar 
  •  Downloadable - works on any device + printable 
  •  Ideal for practice sessions, classes with teacher or Performance situations 

Why you need to know Rhythm changes

Rhythm Changes is the name given by Jazz musicians to the harmonic progression based on Gershwin´s seminal “I got Rhythm”.

 It is vital to know for the following reasons:

  1.  Along with the Blues it is one of the core Chord progressions that many Jazz standards are built on such as Oleo + Anthropology and a such is played by musicians all over the world and is considered by many as a "Rite of Passage"
  2.  The harmonic progression is one of the most foundational ones any serious student of Jazz will ever learn as it contains so many key chord movements that are so crucial to know. 


   Notice: These 24 solos are included as part of the Rhythm Changes Masterclass HERE