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Soul Scale Course - Module 8 (Online Video Course)

MODULE 8 - Combining the Major and Minor Pentatonics

There is something that pleases the human Ear by ascending using the major pentatonic - and descending using the minor pentatonic, Blues scale or Bebop Blues scale.

So combing the Major and Minor pentatonic, blues scale in a Non Symmetrical way is a great, tremendously useful concept to practice and incorporate.

  • 21 meticulously prepared deep dive video classes
  • PDFs accompanying the video classes in various keys
  • MP3 practice downloads for all classes
  • Deep dive in to major and minor pentatonic Non symmetrical scales
  • Deep dive in to Major and Minor Blues Non symmetrical scales
  • Deep dive in to Major and Minor BEBOP Blues Non symmetrical scales
  • Bebop + Altered + Blues Tutorial included
  • Charlie Parker Blues Tutorial
  • Non Symmetrical Scale Collection
  • Interactive community discussions for each class

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