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• You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years
• You are looking for a deep dive in to the secrets of learning improvisation

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Soul Scale Course - Module 3 (Online Video Course)


The 6 Note Soul Scale is also known as the Major Blues scale. 

In this module we take a deep dive in to the importance of the 2nd or the 9th a so overlooked soulful note, as well we will see how we can add more colour and mood by adding in the 4th and the b6/#5 as a passing tone

  • 22 Individual video classes from The Blues Arpeggio
  • PDFs accompanying the video classes in various keys
  • MP3 drone practice downloads
  • Importance of the Inner ear class
  • Interactive community discussions for each class
  • Including course introduction module (10 video classes)
  • Including pre-course study module
  • Lifetime access to the course material

 View the entire Soul Scale Improvisational Course here