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Soul Scale Course - Module 2 (Online Video Course)


In this module we add in the Soulful 6th.Why these notes are not taught in the traditional academy beggars belief! 

There are cycle of 5ths workouts, rhythmic exercises, drone practice and flexibility drills as well as tutorials on how to apply this amazing sound on to a Blues.

As well as in every module there are multiple specially written demonstration solos to study and aid deep, lasting musical assimilation.

  • 25 Individual video classes from The Blues Arpeggio 
  • PDFs accompanying the video classes in various keys 
  • Multiple MP3 practice downloads
  • Question and answer musical repetition class  
  • Interactive community discussions for each class 
  • Including course introduction module
  • Including pre-course study module (10 video classes)
  • Lifetime access to the course material 

Visit the Soul Scale dedicated information page to learn more!