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12 studies on a minor 7 vamp - digital PDF+ Mp3 backing track.

12 inspiring ideas to approach soloing on a Minor vamp in one PDF!

These specially crafted exercises  are packed with innovative lines that will challenge and inspire whilst strengthening your technique and developing your ear to boot!

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The download contains:

  1. PDF´s  for C, Bb E, Bass and Tabbed Guitar
  2. 12 separate mp3 demos (one of each of the studies)
  3. Explanatory PDF of each of the 12 scales/ideas used

Written solo examples of the following ideas are presented :

  1. Bebop scale + approach notes -  a jazzy sound 
  2. Major pairs triads -  redolent of the Dorian 
  3. Approaching Major Triads - chromatic coherent sound
  4. Melodic Minor Sound
  5. Treating the chord as a Tonic Minor- classical type sound
  6.  The Minor Pentatonic - sturdy 'inside sound'
  7.  The Blues scale - blues sound
  8.  Hendrix Pentatonic - edgy variant on the pentatonic
  9.  Hybrid Blues scale - mixing major + minor 3rd in to the blues scale
  10.  Bebop Blues scalemore chromatic notes
  11. The 'Super Blues scale'8 note blues scale
  12.  Approaching the Minor Pentatonic with chromatic approach notes