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Pentatonic Expansion Shape 'Package'

Discover the boundless realm of possibilities hidden within the Pentatonic scale with Jazz duets cutting-edge Pentatonic Expansion Shape exercises

This thoughtfully curated learning resource contains innovative exercises are specifically crafted to expand your mind and enhance your auditory perception.

Embrace the freedom to explore new horizons and unlock your full potential as a musician.

The Digital Instant Download introduces fresh and challenging patterns designed to free you from the conventional, clichéd Pentatonic exercises commonly available and studied.

Furthermore, the accompanying Mp3 files present diverse, inspiring chord progressions with which to accompany the patterns.

Each harmony unleashes unique emotions, allowing you to explore a myriad of musical expressions and enrich your improvisational toolkit.

The package is fully notated for Treble and Bass instruments

This download includes:

  1. 41 page Pdf that features 13 specially crafted expansive new Pentatonic exercises in all 12 keys. (2 versions:  For Treble and Bass Instruments)
  2. 12 new Mp3 play along tracks (one for each key) - for you to experience the full sonic possibilities of each Pentatonic shape 
  3. Separate PDF of Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords + 9 Play along trackswith and without sax at different speeds! As featured in Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords youtube video. 
  4. New Separate Modal Interchange Pamphlet including youtube video examples 

 Get ready to embark on a journey of sonic exploration and elevate your improvisation skills to unprecedented heights. With the revolutionary exercises and harmonies, you will delve into uncharted musical territories and witness the power of the Pentatonic scale like never before.