Introductory Triad Pair Approach note exercises- all instruments

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 This is the place to start if you want an Introduction to combining

 Triad Pairs and Chromatic Approach notes. 

There is no other product on the market at this moment that combines

these 2 essential concepts that are such powerful tools for the improvisor.

The   meticulously crafted exercises in this Jazzduets PDF  will prepare you to start fusing approach notes in to triads- turbo charging  your  arsenal

of  available sounds and ideas  taking your playing to higher levels!

This  digital PDF instant download contains  the INTRODUCTORY

 1,2,3 and 4 approach note exercises on one triad that are  a pre -requisite to mastery of these 2  systems.

 52 pages of 1,2,3 and 4 note approaches notes exercises from the

Youtube Video in all 12 keys on the MINOR. 

However, The Approaches here can be applied 

to anything: Chords of all Natures, Scales, Melodies etc!

As the exercises are in the 12 Minor keys there is no need for special Bb, Concert or Eb transposing versions. 


Also Bundled are the Examples of the approaches on 2 Major chords

as demonstrated at the end of the You TubeVideo