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Girl from Ipanema Triad Pair exercises

Are you ready to challenge Yourself?

The creative possibilities of the Triad Pair system are enormous and literally endless!

 The Girl from Ipanema resource has been meticulously developed to teach and demonstrate the wonderful sounds and creative possibilities that open up to the improvisor when using the Triad Pair System.

The material in this PDF is divided in to three sections:

1) Three Triad Pair combinations

Here you can see the three sets of triad pairs that are featured in the resource over the entire progression of Girl from Ipanema.

2) Triad Pairs Shapes 

These are the tried and tested triad pair shapes that are a fundamental preparation for success.

3) Nine Study etudes 

These are written to give you an idea of how the different triad pair combinations and shapes actually sound. Examples feature 8th notes, triplets, and 16ths. 


Included in the digital download

  • PDF -  39 pages- packed full of exercises designed to inspire
  • 5 versions of the PDF:  Bb, Concert ,Eb and Bass Clef and Guitar Tab
  • Mp3 Demonstrations of all 9 written solos 
  • Mp3 play along tracks especially recorded
  • Drone Mp3 tracks of ALL chords  for deep immersive practice with the shapes
  • 12 x Mp4 Video demonstrations of Shape exercises Mp3 Play alongs
  • Demonstration video of concept

Suitable for higher Intermediate and Advanced Level Players