9+ Natural Minor Harmonisations PDF

Harmonising the  Natural Minor scale with non diatonicchords is a fantastic coherent way to assimilate and learn Popular harmony.

 In this Pdf I have borrowed chords from artists such as Sting, Bill Evans, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix + Bill Withers and used these  'colours' to harmonise the Natural Minor.

Each different harmonisation produces a different emotion in the listener.

The study of these harmonisations in the 12 keys in the PDF will provide you with numerous beautiful examples of how the greats use harmony to colour their songs emotionally whilst at the same time providing you with challenging practice material and expand your harmonic understanding.

This instant PDF booklet download contains  2 files:

1 ) the 9 Harmonisations  of the Natural Minor in 12 keys with  'Jazz' Chord symbols.

2) + The  colourful JPG of the the 9 Harmonisations side by side ( in high definition)

In A minor so you can see how they compare!