Triad pair Cantaloupe exercises PDF (Advanced)

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Question - What is this System- Triad pairs?

Answer- A very powerful innovative improvisational tool!

Simply put, it is superimposing pairs of triads ( major or minor) over a given chord.
When we play triads like these sounded above a base chord we EVOKE sounds that are not in that base chord.
Just as a master chef adds special ingredients to a dish to produce a
mouth watering flavours we can learn to colour our improvisations in a masterful way superimposing triads, taking our playing rapidly to a higher level.

This PDF features very specially selected triad pair exercises over the famous

groovy chords of cantaloup island, that will challenge technically whilst training

your ear at the same time to heat these colours.


This  digital Pdf  ( in 4 versions: for  Bb Sax and Bb Trumpet   + Eb Sax + C instruments) contains :

1) the exact Exercises as shown in the Youtube Video 

2) the 'basic' versions  of the  above exercises that are written to

introduce the player to the triads- hence one grouping per chorus

of 3, 4 ,5,6,7 and 8 notes in 8th notes, triplets and 16th notes-

( 7 pages of these preparatory exercises) 

3) A chart that shows  some of the triadic possibilities on the chords of

Cantaloup Island not shown in the video

4)  2 x Mp3 Play alongs to practice with at original pace and a little slower!

5) New Eb versions  specially adapted for Alto Sax, using the entire range

6) The Minor Triad 13 pair Options  PDF, that details and comments the

13 options shown in the video