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Golden Guitar Grooves + Licks

Are you looking for the Ultimate Mixolydian, Bluesy, Soulful playalong tracks + notated Cool Jazzy Licks that the pros usethat feature the ´Soul scale´ to turbo charge your practice sessions?


Jazzduets presents 45 curated and specially commissioned, choice cut Guitar Grooves that are guaranteed to excite, delight, and inspire you!


Discover how great it feels to practice with these authentic-sounding master grooves.

Each of the 45 compelling grooves features the Mixolydian (Soul) Mode


Features include:


  • 45 Guitar Backings oozing Soul and groove
  • Multiple Use - Jamming, practice recording backings, and
  • 378 page PDF that feature the Soul Scale that is the only scale that contains the Major and Minor 3rd (crazy but true!)
  • Mp3 recorded Saxophone demonstrations
  • Multiple key workout
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Features of this Download

This download includes the following features:

  1. 45 grooving Guitar backings = hours of authentic, compelling practicing material  
  2. 200+ page PDF with 161 Licks based on the Soul Scale
  3. Variety of styles: Funk, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Swing!
  4. suitable for All instruments (Concert, Bb, Eb , bass parts included)
  5. Mp3 recorded Saxophone demonstrations of the Lines for you to hear and copy
  6. Multiple Use: Private practice, recording backings and for jamming with friends
  7. Featuring most of common keys of the Soul, jazz and blues genre.


Jazzduets Youtube-Playlist with more Soul Scale Workout Ideas!

Please checkout these samples from the original Product

Tracks included (3 versions of each one)

  1. Light Swing- This Easy triplet swing groove kicks off the proceeding
  2. Shuffle - There is a little bit of Albert Collins here in this juicy cut
  3. Wilson - This knockout riff is full of Soul
  4. Fast Swing - a very syncopated Jazzy vibe her
  5. Meters - There is a lot of space and soul in this cissy strut like groove
  6. Memphis. This track pays homage to the classic ´Soul Stew´
  7. Shotgun. This Stax like groove rocks!
  8. Geno, this 60´s Steve Cropper like riff is dedicated to Soul Legend Geno Washington
  9. Maceo - this funky, happy, 16th note rhythm is inspired by Sax great Maceo Parker.
  10. Django - this fast Jazzy rhythm pays homage to great Guitarist Django Reinhardt
  11. Prince, this Prince-like groove is very gritty
  12. Mercy has a very Soulful Mood that takes its name from Zawinul´s classic.
  13. Soul I to IV. This track features the classic 2 chord vamp of chord I to chord IV
  14. Slow Scofield. This is the slowest groove and it oozes the Soul redolent of John Scofield
  15. Pass it on. This funky JB like groove is guaranteed to get you ¨playing in the pocket¨




Massive 200+ Pages PDF

The PDFs in this product includes 200+ PDF pages with killing lines based on the Soul Scale that are suitable for All instruments (Concert, Bb, Eb , bass parts included)


Guitar Backings performed by Julian Burdock

London based guitarist Julian Burdock has written, performed and recorded with many renowned artists such as Beverley Knight, Jocelyn Brown, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), SEAL, Kim Weston, Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley (James Brown)

I have only had this Digital Download for a week and I am already noticing a change in my practice habits. The systematic approach spelt out in this deceptively short book will require me to put in many more days/months of practice before I have it under my fingers. However, it has already helped me to understand how to take my vamp soloing to the next level. The text is clear (and clear-sighted) and the funk play-a-longs are extremely useful. Bravo!


Gavin S

Loads of great new things to explore, and I didn't have to learn a new scale!
I'm having so much fun with this. It has given me some great new things to play, given me new avenues to explore. I have already taken some of the ideas and applied them to other songs. Thanks for the inspiration
An old saying from Confucius 551 BC. Quote: ''When the student is ready to learn the teacher appears''.Being a musician most of my life.One of the most important things is to listen to everyone that can inspire you.Even if you have heard it all before.As time goes by someone will inspire you to think another way or an apporach to view it.These studies will help you to create other possibilities . Have fun.
                            Tom R

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