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The Innovative Pentatonic exercises and playalongs in this digital PDF are designed toopen your mind and ears to the expansive world of possibilities found inside the Pentatonic scale.


Jazz duets is particularly pleased to include 80+ NEW specially made play alongs to accompany each tonality designed to make practice sessions more effective and enjoyable.

The Intermediate/Advanced level Digital Instant Download features challenging, spacious patterns, written to free you from the closed regular hackneyed Pentatonic exercises usually on offer.

The package is fully notated for Treble and Bass instruments

The included Mp3 files (see below) feature different chord possibilities on which to practice the patterns. Each different harmony evokes totally different sound emotions. This opens up a myriad of possibilities that expand the sonic arsenal of the improvisor.


Leverage your pentatonic knowledge by a factor of 7x by fully understanding how to Superimpose Pentatonics on different chords!


This download contains the following files:


  1. Multiple Tutorial Videos going deep into superimposing pentatonic scales

  2. 90 Mp3 Files and Playalongs in different keys and speed to immerse and practice deeply


Also the following Bonus Material:

1)PDF of Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords + 9 Play along tracks
2) Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords tutorial video
3) New Separate Modal Interchange Pamphlet including youtube video examples


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See, Hear and Experience


"There is something amazing, mysterious even out of this world when the classic pentatonic is superimposed over different harmony - different emotions and feelings are evoked."


Video Tutorials

Contains the following Videos tutorials:

  1. Pentatonic Harmonic Tutorial Video - this goes deep in to each chord possibility that it is possible to use with then D minor Pentatonic.

  2. 13 Pentatonic shapes harmonised Video - this demonstrates most of the 13 Patterns of the PDF and how they sound over the chords in C minor.

  3. Pentatonics Harmonised Video Tutorial.This highlights how different the Classic Pentatonic

  4.  Modal Interchange video

MP3 Tracks

Contains the following Playalong Mp3 files:


  1. Pentatonic ¨Family¨ drones Mp3 Files.  These drone like backing tracks In 12 keys are for deep immersion. They are are organised in to 12 key folders

  2.  Uplifting chord progression  Mp3 files in concert C minor in 3 speeds (slow,medium and fast)The chord progression is as follows ; Cmin7, Dbmaj7b5, Eb6, Fmin7, Eb over G bass , Abmaj7, Bb7sus4

  3.  C7#9 funk playalong in concert Key. Practice and use the Cminor Patterns with this gritty compelling Guitar groove in 3 speeds (slow,medium and fast)

Please checkout these samples from the original Product

PDF Files

Contains the following 4 PDF files:

  1. Pdf that features 13 specially crafted expansive new Pentatonic exercises in all 12 keys. (2 versions: For Treble and Bass Instruments)

  2. Pentatonic Harmony PDF- that shows in 12 keys the relationship between the Pentatonic and the 7 chords of the family in 12 keys

  3. PDF of Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords + 9 Play along trackswith and without sax at different speeds. As featured in Superimposing Pentatonics on Major 7th chords youtube video.

  4. New Separate Modal Interchange Pamphlet including youtube video examples


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