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At some stage if we are serious about our own developmentas improvisors it is incumbent upon us to practice licks andlinesthat start on all the different degrees of the scale.


This will corner us to play notes that we may not usually choose, which 'force us' us grow as improvisors and expand our possibilities, musical horizons and vocabulary.


The102 Classic Minor licks packagecontains 10 licks thats start onevery degree of the minor (Root, 3rd, 5th, 9th, minor 6th, major 6th, minor 7th, major 7th, 4th, #4, b9 and Major 3rd.


This Collection of licks can be thought of as an encyclopaedia of musical minor language, as it references some of the greatest melodies ever written that improvisors need to know. See below for who inspired the licks!



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  • All licks in all 12 keys in the pdf
  • 10 in-depth video tutorials breaking down each and every lick
  • Guitar + Saxophone mp3 demos
  • specially recorded play alongs that swing by top jazz musicians
  • Clickable 137 page PDF jump easily to where you want to go
  • Guitar tabs included + Guitar pro 7 file
  • Bass clef included
  • Minor Mp3 drones in 12 keys included for deep immersion practice
  • Specially recorded mp4 introduction video where Nick guides you how to best practice the licks

Kill 2 birds with one stone!
"Expand your musical language + Strengthen your technique, by learning the melodic shapes that have been tried and tested by the greats"

102 Licks Video Tutorials

G Minor 5th Full Tutorial


The 10 in depth video tutorials break down the DNA of each and every lick


- where they come from,

- what they are made of

- why they work and

- much more


Armed with this information you will be ready and confident to start writingand developing your own!  


On the left you see 1 of the 10 video licks tutorials in full, to get an idea on my resource and to warm up.


Licks starting on different degrees!

Licks starting on the minor 6th

Licks starting on the Minor 3rd

Licks starting on the 9th

Licks starting on the Major 7th

This compendium of licks features choice melodic vocabulary that draws on the legacy of the some of the greatest musicians of all time:


Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Nat Adderley, Edvard Grieg, Irving Berling, John Coltrane, Paganini, Thelonious Monk, Michale Brecker, Clifford Brown, George Shearing, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Michel Legrand, Joe Henderson, Mozart, Woody Shaw, Stravinsky, Erik Satie & Mccoy Tyner amongst others.


Music is a universal language and this digital download contains core language that Jazz improvisors need to know.


Tune into a preview of the included MP3s on the right!




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