Summertime 25+ Harmonisations/ Compendium Pdf Download

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This step by step re-harmonisation of the Gershwin's Classic Summertime  has been carefully  and lovingly crafted  to provide the lover of Jazz harmony with a definitive resource on which to learn Jazz reharmonisation.

The PDF contains 25 of the most essential to know, famous Jazz versions of Summertime distilled and organized from the most basic to the most sophisticated, in a comprehensible way.


This instant download includes 2 PDF Booklet files:

1) Grid view Booklet - 25 'grid' views of the chordal  harmonization with written notes to guide you  step by step through all the chords possibilities shown in the You tube Video. Includes Wes Montgomery Jazz version as well. 

2) Sheet music booklet + chord symbols that include the 12 'essential' versions of Summertime that were researched during the making of the video ( Art Blakey, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Cyrus Chesnut, George Benson, Glory Of Gershwin-Peter Gabriel, Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Sidney Bechet, Wes  Montgomery, Celine Dion)