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Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Jazz analysis breakdown of the chords and melody of this groovy monster hit

Files Included:
- The exact chords in the original key of Eb minor and also 12 keys (for ease of comprehension)
- Exact original 2 hand Piano chords.
- Bar by bar jazz analysis/break down of the chord
- All musical PDF extracts featured in the video (sheet music)
- Mp3 practice play alongs of Virtual Insanity, Stayin Alive, Just the 2 of us, Isn’t she Lovely
-Mp4 video

Buy individually $ 3.99
Take A Walk analysis

This is an amazing tune to learn as it has Breckers stamp all over it- his mighty intellect, logical musicianship + the Blues.

Files Included:
-Mp4  Video
- 3 x play along slow and medium, regular speed.
- The Tune notated for Bb, Eb, C + Bass Instruments.
- Bar by bar breakdown analysis of the blues with example sheet.
- Mysterioso chart + 4 pop tunes that use theses 5,6 and tonic notes.

Buy individually $ 3.99

Stevie Wonder scale

This dark, rich minor scale inspired by Stevie Wonders’ devastating tune ‘They Won’t go when I go” contains both the natural 7th and the major 7th leading note. The inclusion of these 2 notes in one scale yields far more harmonic choices than the regular 7 note minor scale.

Files Included:

-Mp4 video
-'They wont go when I go' Pdf sheet music extract that features the scale.
- Stevie wonder Minor scale fully notated for Piano in 2 staves in 12 keys with chord symbols.

Buy individually $ 3.99
Street life song analysis

Streetlife is an incredible song full of musical harmonic gems :
the suspended stabs, lush nostalgic intro, John Coltrane like Jazz II-7 V7's, chorus with modulation to name a few!

Files Included:
- Mp4 video
- Lead sheet in Bb, C and Eb with melody + chords
- Piano chords fully scored written in 2 staves
- Meticulous  study PDF bar by bar analysis/ harmonic breakdown of this epic tune detailing lovingly each chord and section
- Play along for you to practice with!

Buy individually $ 3.99

SING Brecker

The intriguing angular line under the microscope in this PDF mixes the minor 7th and major 6th intervals so favoured by Michael Brecker. There is a goldmine of information in this phrase that we can use to expand our ears, vocabulary and technique.

Files Included:
-Full mp4 video
-Mp3 Practice play along loop
- One page PDF of corollary exercises for C, Bb Eb and Bass instruments that explore the intervals and sounds of this riff.
- Charts of Moanin, Chameleon and Worksong that use the flat 7th

Buy individually $ 3.99

Killer Lick

This tremendous lick features the heart wrenching dissonance of surrounding the root note of a dominant chord chromatically. It is an essential sound for any serious improvisors to have in their sonic arsenal.

Files Included:
The PDF includes the 6 tremendous song extracts that are like licksthemselves that were featured in the video in Eb, Bb and concert key.
As well there are exercise lines that have been built on these notes designed to facilitate the assimilation of these emotional sounds.

Buy individually $ 3.99