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July Blog Stream


Stevie Wonder Complete II-7 V7 workout.

10 Stevie Wonder Classics that feature the vital to know Jazz II-7 V7 progression make this an enjoyable workout if you are interested in total real life immersion in perhaps the most important jazz chord progression to know!


PDF includes the sheet music of the 10 example extracts in the video

that feature II-7 V7. The following tunes are featured: I wish, Overjoyed, It knocks me off my feet, Golden Lady, Visions, Isn’t she lovely, Can’t Imagine love without you All I do, All in love is Fair, you are the sweetest somebody i know

- Mp4 Video

Buy individually $ 2.99
Michael Brecker - Blues master class ending!

This amazingly Powerful Bluesy Brecker ending line traces 2 essential jazz/blues chord progression to learn

PDF includes :

- Brecker line in 12 keys

- The 2 Blues chord progressions in various keys with chord symbols + piano voicings

- Specially written practice lines designed to aid the assimilation of the progression in various keys that will help develop harmonic understanding and will challenge technically!

- Cannonball Adderley Killing ending - Mp4 Video

Buy individually $ 2.99
Pat Metheny l Natural Minor harmonised scale| Always and Forever analysis| Guide Tone solos

In this lesson we:

1) take the deep, penetrating chords from Metheny’s “Always and Forever” and mash them up to harmonise the Natural Minor scale

2) Analyse the harmony to beautiful "Always and Forever"

3) Build a solo by using guide tones.


FILES included :

- The harmonised minor in various keys  with  chord symbols + complete Piano voicings

- “Always and Forever” Harmonic bar by bar analysis + complete piano voicings of tune

- Mp3  ‘Always and Forever’ play along to practice with

- 3 chorus solo built on  Guide Tone lines Sheet Music for Concert, Bb and Eb Instruments +

Mp3 play along on the chords of Always + Forever

IMPROV 101- James Brown Blues

This classic James Brown tune features a contagious blues riff that is essential to know and perfect to study as it is loaded full of musical gems. Suitable for any level!


Files include:

- Original Riff in various keys

- 4 Specially written variations of the basic riff to show you how to develop a basic idea in to a challenging practice vehicle in various keys

-Mp3 funky New Orleans Fender Rhodes playa long slow and fast

- Mp4 Video

Buy individually $ 2.99
Tetratonic exercises

The 4 notes featured in these exercises are arguably the most powerful in music

Files Included:
- PDF of Exercises especially written to aid the assimilation of these sounds

-Mp4 video

Buy individually $ 3.99
Satie scale/ Tetris theme

This tuned based on the nineteenth-century Russian folk song Korobeiniki utilises just 3 chords, the i- iv- and v major making it a superb chord/melodic workout

Files Included:
- Simple Satie Influenced Piano version as shown in video with Jazz chords
- Original Melody in 12 keys

-Mp4 video

- Gnossienne lead sheet + Bar by Bar Analysis

- Satie #4 Hybrid melodic/dorian Minor  scale in 12 keys

-Tetris theme in 12 keys

Buy individually $ 3.99

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