• ODD TIME SIGNATURE EXERCISES is the first book of its kind that charts the metamorphosis of a 4/4 Tune & Solo in to different Time Signatures.
    This transformation in to 15/4, 7/4, 13/4/, 11/4, 6/4 and 5/4 time signatures produces a myriad of new , challenging opportunities as phrases, notes and rhythms are adapted, reimagined and transmogrified!
    This ADVANCED LEVEL RESOURCE  will strengthen and sharpen your Rhythmic acumen and may even change the way you think about common 4/4 time forever!
    The Digital Download includes:
    • PDF for Concert; Bb and Eb Instruments featuring 7 versions of the Tune and specially written solo
    • 21 Play along Tracks. beautifully recorded by the best live musicians (14 demonstration tracks and 7 playalong backings
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What`s included:

Same Song, different Time Signature

The first book, that actually gives you the possibility to play the same tune in different time signatures, helping and encouraging you to experiment with time signatures you never even thought of.

Through experimenting and exercising with odd time signatures you will boost your creativity, get a whole new perspective on 4/4 time , whilst strengthening your overall feeling for rhythm.

7 Versions of the Tune and Solo for Concert, Bb and Eb instruments!

The PDF book is for Concert instruments and comes in Bb and Eb transpositions.

Every Tune is written in 7 Time Signatures and the specially crafted Solos

that feature Modal Interchange and Triad Pairs willinspire you to experiment further!

To learn new things in music, it is essential to listen to the pros.


14 DEMONSTRATION TRACKS will help you to know how to sound best and give you the possibility to play along with them.

There was no academy where you could play along with the best musicians in odd time signatures over and over again... UNTIL NOW!

Playing with a real band doubles the fun whilst pushing you to new levels


The 7 BACKING TRACKS will take you further as you evolve and support you!

Playing alone by yourself never gives you the same feeling as having a band around. To come as close as possible to this experience, the backing tracks are played by real musicians and not made by computer, with the Human feel! To master every Time Signature you need to blend deeply with the band (and this one never complains!)

If you are in time here, to never be out of time again

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