Meticulously prepared online video courses for a seamless, stress free jazz improvisation learning journey.

Each one has a different focus and learning goal - but they all have one thing in common:

Keeping you inspired whilst practicing sometimes profound and challenging jazz theory!

My most advanced, all-level online video courses & downloadable courses

These courses are the `flagship´ Resources of Jazzduets, tested and tried by many and constantly improved. You should enroll if:

• You play an instrument and want the solid and broad musical foundationneeded to improvise Jazz and Blues
• You are hungry to know and practice the secret exotic jazz notes the greats use
• You are looking for a tried and tested study method that will take you closer to your goals
• You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years
• You are looking for a deep dive in to the secrets of learning improvisation

Handcrafted Video & Online Courses for better Jazz improvisation!

If you want to get to know the Blues the new Blues Bundle has you covered!

It is like a complete Blues course as it features:

  • complete Blues Eartraining exercises/tests  
  • Theory of the 11 most important Blues progressions you need to know
  • 33 Specially written solos full of authentic Blues language from the great american jazz continuum.
  • 2 Killer Blues solo transcriptions of 2 of the greatest Blues/Jazz Saxophone players
  • Blues arpeggio exercises
  • James Brown 101 Blues package that puts the focus on Rootsy Soul Blues


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What`s included:

10 Essential Blues Progressions

Here for the first time, the DEFINITIVE Blues harmony guide to all the chord options serious students of Jazz need to know +33 especially written Solos

The study of these tried and tested progressions taken from the Great American Jazz continuum will deepen your understanding of harmony, taking your musicianship/improvisation to a much higher level, whilst training your ear!

11 of the most Important Blues progressions heard in thousands of Jazz/Blues classics are fully explained in a clear logical order. Its like a super condensed stand alone Blues course!

This  meticulously prepared instant digitalpackage contains the following items that will provide a wealth of material to practice and guarantee an enjoyable immersion in the Blues:

  •  PDF of the 2 hand Piano progressions + Chord symbols of the 11 Blues Progressions showing you the exact piano chords used in the video with accompanying bar by bar analysis explanation notes for full understanding of the harmony.
  • PDF of theRoman numeral Grid analysis of the 11 progressions so you can understand deeply and transpose to any key easily (comes with notes to help you memorise the key harmonic changes)
  • 33 Choruses of specially written solos full of real Jazz language that accentuate the colourful chord changes providing examples of how to play over the changing harmonyfeaturing lines from the following greats: Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Sidney Bechet, Pat Metheny, Dizzy Gillespie + Miles Davis(Eb ,Bb , Concert and Bass parts)
  • Mp3 Playalong of the 11 progressions with the Piano on its own and with the Saxophone solos + Piano to be used for playalong practice and eartraining.
  • 2 x Mp3 playalong of the 33 Blues progressions1)Piano 2) piano and Sax solo
  • Accompanying Pdf explanation of the 33 Blues solos with info about the quotes and solos

James Brown Improv 101

This classic James Brown tune features a contagious blues riff that is essential to know and perfect to study as it is loaded full of musical gems. This lesson is suitable for any level of proficiency as the PDF features the line in 12 keys + 3 variations that become more challenging as more Jazzy notes are added in


 Files include: ( C, Bb and Eb parts)

  • Original Riff in various keys
  • 4 Specially written variations of the basic riff to show you how to develop a basic idea in to a challenging practice vehicle in various keys
  • Mp3 funky New Orleans Fender Rhodes play along slow and fast
  • Mp4 Instruction Video

Blues Arpeggio Exercises + Tutorial

It is essential for the student of improvisation to intimately know the major/minor 3rd sound dichotomy know and love as it is arguably the most fundamental sound of Jazz and Blues.

There is no arpeggio that is taught academically that contains both Major + Minor, that is until now.

The BLUES ARPEGGIO offers  a solution to this massive hole in music education.

The exercises in this digital downloaded have been carefully crafted to provide the player with challenging , enjoyable material that will enable them to incorporate these vital sounds in to their playing as quickly as possible adding to the students arsenal of resources taking them to a higher level of proficiency and expression whilst strengthening their technique and refining their ear.

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The Blues Arpeggio exercises will innovate your daily routine, inspiring you with the bluesy/jazzy sounds and intervals this unique arpeggio contains.

This digital download contains 5 pdf booklets of exercises as shown in the Jazzduets video ( C, Bb, Eb, Guitar + Tabs and Bass)

Each Booklet version has been specially optimised for the range of the tonality. Most instruments will be able to play multiple booklets!

Essential Blues Eartraining Test

Now, for the first time a DEFINITIVE Blues Ear training system comprising all the chord options serious students of Jazz need to know in 12 keys!

This innovative system + tests has been meticulously designed to train you to hear + understand the 10 + most important tried and tested Jazz/ Blues progressions of the Great American Jazz continuum.

Immersing your ears in these vital chord sequences, you will deepen your understanding of Jazz harmony, taking your musicianship/improvisation to a much higher level.

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This digital download includes the following:

  • 48 mp3 Audio files ( 4 tests per each of the 12 keys)
  • 12 grid sheets that simultaneously display all the chord possibilities in every key + Roman numeral analysis (so you can understand the logic of the progressions)
  • An Answer sheet of the 48 mp3 tests, that you initially use, and over time dispense with as you ear improves!

How to use the system:

1) Upload the files in to your favourite Mp3 player

2) listen through deeply, day in day and out making notes on how the different chords feel.

3) Play the Mp3’s randomly, looking at the accompanying chord sheet trying to see if you can hear the different chord colours.

4) Play the Mp3’s randomly, without theaccompanying chord sheet

5) Use the Mp's as a playalong! So try singing and playing along with your instrument, with and without the grid sheets, reacting and 'nailing' the different chord changes.

Are you ready to grow and expand you ears?

Killing Blues Solo Transcription

Awesome Solo in Db from Be-bop King Sonny Stitt!

Full of stunning Jazz language, swing, licks!

9 x Chorus!

Parts for C, Bb and Eb major instruments

Killing Blues Solo Transcription

Things Ain't What They Used To Be

Tremendous Blues Solo from lead player alto of the seminal Duke Ellington Orchestra. Incredible use of language, space, timing, sound.

A true master stylist at work.

This very carefully prepared PDF transcription comes for Concert, Bb and Eb instruments

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