Jazzduets for beginners?

If you are a newcomer to improvisation, start your Jazzduets experience right here on an easy note and take a look at some of the creative resources below. Starting at only $2,99 you can choose from an array of diverse single products. Check the video to learn more about what basic skills you should have to make the most of these resources.

Let's get started!

Easy learning

Learn as efficiently and easily as possible, with innovative material imagined specially to inspire beginners new to improvisation        

Practice material for months

Never worry, about what to practice next. The beginners section has material for months (even years!) to accompany you as you grow.

Target your specific problem

Knowing your weakness is the first step. Second one is to work on it. Specific exercises help you to reach your goals quickly and enjoyably

Overall practice

Rhythm, Intonation, Harmony, Aural Awareness - everything comes together when you practice the right things.

Check out the whole Beginners Collection!

Harmony explained

Hated by many, but once you understand it, it will become a great and important advantage for your playing and understanding of music. Breaking down, and analyzing different harmony patterns is key not only to play freely, but also to avoid mistakes and errors while playing with a band.

MP3 backing tracks

Exercising alone is okay, but it is not the same, as playing with a band. Of course, your bandmates won't play with you the same thing over and over again. Backing tracks from real live musicians help you to practice everything you want, as often as you need and as simular to a band as possible.

Analaysis of the great standards

In order to become brilliant, we have to study the great. Breaking down their idea of music and understanding how they wanted their great songs to sound is a big step in developing your own style. ((Learn from absolute heroes like Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Stevie Wonder and apply this knowledge to your songs and improvisations.)) (bit more)

Featured Products:

This first definitive resource of its kind explores and illustrates deeply the concept that each note over a chord suggests a unique feeling that is essential to know and master.
The innovative method starts at the heart of the matter, by building a firm foundation and familiarity with the CORE Blues sounds, then guides you on a journey through the spicier flavours of the b3rd, b7th and b5,
and climaxes with the exotic and complex Jazzy b9, #5 and Major 7th


• 70+ Blues Choruses full of Classic Jazz/Blues vocabulary
•. Specially recorded Guitar Play alongs in multiple keys and styles!
•. Saxophone demonstration Mp3s of all 70+ Blues
•. Step by Step guaranteed method to learn the Blues once and for all!
•. Superb reading resource for teaches and students alike
• Pdf’s in Concert, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef+ Guitar tab
• suitable for all levels: high beginner, intermediate and even advanced

This is the place to start if you want to learn the Blues

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Are you really familiar with the 4 main types of Minor : Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic?

Can you identify the characteristic notes that imbue each onewith its unique sound?

The exercises in this digital download have been specially and meticulously developed to familiarise you intimately with the special colours of each different Minor scale.

This Instant Digital Download Pdf contains the 12 different exercises of the you tube video below in ALL 12 keys (60 page booklet)

 Specially Adapted for the range of the following Instruments- Flute, Sax, Trumpet, Guitar, Piano + Clarinet.

( Some of the exercises have 2 versions - High and Low)

This Pdf will develop and expand your ear, whilst challenging your technique.

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James Brown- Night Train Improv 101 Jazz duets
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And many more... Check' out the whole collection!

"I've been playing for 55 years, and playing jazz for 25 years in big bands, and this package has opened my eyes to new things I would have never thought of. Not only the scales, that sound so cool, but learning the new sequencing of notes and experimenting with them and applying them to not only jazz, but country, rock, and pop, give a fresh new perspective on approaching songs, and definitely a way to break out of the same ol' same ol' and have fun working with new sounds again.

Robin J


¨This is an outstanding lesson: thank you. I appreciate the metaphor but I'm especially blown away by the quality of the examples. Even the simple examples are truly musical... I'm going to study this deeply, as I struggle with playing flashy licks (badly) and need to get back to basics¨




"As always, Nick, such a great and deep impressive stuff that gives hours of hours practice fun and experience. Thanks for all your work. Absolutely satisfied! Not the first and nit the last I bought. ;-) All the best, Nick. Stay healthy! Chris"

Chris W