Spot the difference - Minor scale harmonisation - PDF + Mp3

This PDF has been specially crafted to help you develop the ability to  learn + hear + feel the differences between the 4 Main Minor scales: Natural, Melodic, Harmonic and Dorian.


Each minor is presented with chords that highlight its unique sound (as the chords contain and reinforce the particular notes that colour and define each minor scale)

The ability to hear the different qualities of these minor scales is vital for the improvisor or composer.

The PDF contains the 4 minor scales harmonised in all 12 keys , for Piano and with chord symbols.

The included Mp3 contains the examples for you to test yourself and train your ears, if for example you do not have a partner.

Practicing these exercises alone or with a partner  will develop your aural awareness, deepening your ability to recognise subtle vital harmonic changes + at the same time providing you with  a superb collection  of minor chord progressions that can be used for composition/ improvisation.